Tummy Troubles? Bio-K+ To The Rescue!

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bio k probiotics digestive supplementsSure you’ve heard of probiotics before-those ‘friendly’ bacteria that health experts are talking about all the time now. But did you know that even hospitals are now getting on the bandwagon and giving them to their patients? Actually, we discovered that a Canadian product in particular is fast becoming a favorite with hospitals in Canada and the US, primarily for preventing some of the more nasty side-effects associated to the use of antibiotics. Bio-K+ CL1285, which has been available in health food stores and many supermarkets for years now is the one creating the most buzz with doctors. Why? Because of all the studies that prove that it actually works.

It’s been the probiotic of choice for our family and for families all over North America for many years but it’s comforting that mainstream medicine now believes in it too. It’s not surprising since Bio-K+ CL1285 has a patented formula, guarantees potency right until the best before date and is clinically proven.

Not only are Bio-K+ so effective, thanks to its fresh, active liquid form, it’s easy to take only as much as you need. You can take as little as a ¼ bottle for everyday digestive and immune support or as much as a whole bottle when you’re not feeling well or if you’re taking antibiotics. Yes it’s true probiotics are being added to many different foods today (cereal, juice, protein bars, even chocolate) but only a true probiotic supplement, like Bio-K+ CL1285 can guarantee you’re getting the right kind of friendly bacteria and  getting enough of them to do the job. Thanks to a 14-day manufacturing process, rigorous quality control and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Bio-K+ CL1285 turns promises into results.

Although Bio-K+ has primarily been used by people dealing with chronic intestinal issues or to protect from the side effects of antibiotics, more and more people are starting to use it to help support their immune systems as health professionals learn just how much of our bodies’ natural defenses can be influenced by probiotics like the L.acidophilus found in Bio-K+CL1285.

Fall is the prime time for people to start thinking about bolstering their immune systems; kids are back in school sharing their germs. Teachers and parents are caught in the crossfire and the colder weather setting in puts us all at increased risk of getting colds, flus and other infections. 

Ask for Bio-K+CL1285 where you buy your natural health products. Sure, it’s more expensive than most, but using it everyday can easily cost less than the price of a cup of coffee and like most good things, you get what you pay for. It’s available with or without dairy ingredients, is certified gluten free. The fresh version is great for kids who can’t swallow capsules but for travelers or people on the go it’s available in enteric coated capsules too.

We at Naturally Savvy are very careful and picky about what we buy for our families. Sharing our discoveries with you is what we’re all about and Bio-K+ CL1285 was definitely a major discovery.

By none| October 08, 2010
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