[Label Lesson] Starbucks Unicorn Frappaccino

By Naturally Savvy

This Frappaccino has blown up social media lately and once again we are disgusted by the long ingredient list. Although only available for a limited time, we know kids and adults alike are going to want to try this Unicorn inspired beverage. After all, Unicorns are admired for their mythical and magical qualities. But don't be fooled, this drink includes potential GMO's, Scary Seven and other ingredients that can set off all kinds of reactions in people. 

Sugar, Maltodextrin, and Citric acid
are potential GMOs. The citric acid we are talking about isn't from citrus fruit but the type grown from mold on GMO corn.
Mono- and Diglycerides are trans fats and they are no good for long term cardiovascular health.
Potassium Sorbate has been linked to irritable bowel, asthma, eczema, and behavioral issues in children.
Carrageenan-can irritate intestines and has been linked with cancers.

There is nothing magical about the 59 grams of sugar in a grande size of this drink. The Heart and Stoke Foundation recommends a maximum of 48 grams of sugar a day and the World Health Organization has stricter guidelines with 24 grams a day. This drink gives you almost 2 1/2 days of sugar. Please steer clear of this drink. We recommend a nutrient dense smoothie made at home instead. Make one with strawberries and another with blueberries and then layer them into a cup for a colorful healthy experience.

You can watch our founder Andrea Donsky's recent segment on TV about sugars hidden in common foods.

We're always on the lookout for new offenders from our Naturally Savvy Get Healthy Challenge. Join us in teaching others the importance of reading labels. Submit an offender today!

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By Naturally Savvy| April 25, 2017
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