13 Reasons to Avoid Pesticides

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Pesticides are designed to be bad guys, and they are great at their job. These chemicals are dispensed everywhere to control, repel, or kill pests on our food crops, playgrounds, parks, personal lawns, gardens, and forests, and neighborhoods (mosquito spraying, anyone?).

Yet despite their prevalence in our daily lives, scientists do not really understand all the health implications associated with pesticide exposure. Such lack of understanding has not stopped their use, however. Every year, approximately 1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to farms, lawns, forests, and golf courses in the United States. Users can chose from the more than 17,000 pesticide products on the market.

Why should you and your family avoid pesticides? The list of reasons is longer than we can tackle in one article, so let’s begin with 13 reasons for now and continue with the rest in a future article.

1. Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence is growing that pesticide exposure has a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In a 2015 report in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, for example, the authors explained how “some pesticides…have been involved in AD due to their ability to increase beta-amyloid (AB) peptide and the phosphorylation of Tau protein,” factors shown to be involved in causing characteristics of the disease.

In other new research, an international team reported finding a relationship between pesticide exposure and non-vascular dementia among men. Yet other recent research referred to past studies in which it was shown that the brains and serum of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have “dramatically higher levels of a metabolic of…(DDT),” which prompted a team who published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease to note they had gained some insight into how exposure to DDT “may increase the risk of AD.”


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By Deborah Mitchell| July 21, 2015
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Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell

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