7 Simple Hacks to Develop a Morning Routine that Will Set the Mood for the Whole Day

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The way you start your morning, whether it’s at a fast pace or with calm, can also determine how productive you'll be for the rest of the day. A routine will include some things that will help you roll out of bed and begin the day with a positive attitude.

The following morning hacks are the tips that will ensure that your days will be happier and easier, so why not adopt a morning plan that will put things in order? Let’s get started!

1. Prepare Your Clothes the Night Before

Although this is actually a task to do before going to bed, it will save you a lot of time in the morning. Make it a habit of preparing two outfits for the next day. This way, if it's sunny, you can dress how you like, and if the weather's bad, you'll have another option.

There's nothing worse than seeing the time passing by, and your bed starting to look like your closet. Going through different clothes combinations and accessories will frustrate you, so avoid all of that by preparing different outfits the night before.

2. Drink and Eat Healthy Foods in the Morning

Some say it's best to eat a big breakfast, while others recommend green fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach. The right call is somewhere in the middle.

If you're one of those people who rely on caffeine instead of breakfast, it would be a good decision also to include an energy bar as your “meal.” If you aren't one to eat first thing, put one in your bag and eat it during your commute. In case you like to start your morning with scrambled eggs or waffles, add some fresh fruits.

The goal is to get a nutritious and balanced meal that will give you enough energy to start your day.

3. Workout Before Going To Work

A couple of minutes of exercising every morning won't interfere with your schedule, but it will get your blood pumping! At the same time, exercising right after you get out of bed will allow you to stretch your muscles and wake up easier.

If you don't have a gym at home, then set up a small space where you can put a mat, a jumping rope and maybe even some weights. Take a look on Garagegymplanner.com and see what equipment will get you the best results in only 10 to 15 minutes of exercising.

Read this for advice if you are too busy to exercise

4. Make a To-Do List for the Day to Come

While you prepare your breakfast, grab a piece of paper and start thinking about what you have to accomplish throughout the day. Divide the list in two, one for work related tasks and another column for home and family. Prioritize each task according to their importance.

This won't take more than 5 minutes, but it will put into perspective the most important things. The goal here is to be productive and solve each bullet point at a time.

5. Leave Your House in Order

Nobody likes coming home after a hard day at work and being put face to face with dirty dishes, clothes and random things lying around. This will certainly put a stop to any relaxing state of mind and make you want to get out of the door.

Arrange your bed in the morning, wash the dishes and even fluff the sofa pillows. This way, you'll come back to a tidy home that will be inviting and relaxing.

We have 27 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home with Vinegar

6. Pack Your Lunch and Snacks

Sticking to eating healthier can't be done if you don't take a packed lunch with you. We all have busy schedules that won't allow us to go searching for a balanced lunch meal. Instead, many of us settle for the first food we see, which often is unhealthy fast food.

The problem is that eating unhealthy foods will also affect our body. Weight gain, a high cholesterol level or a mineral deficiency are possible consequences of poor food choices.

Pack your lunch and throw in an apple and some nuts, so you'll always have a healthy snack close at hand.

7. Walk Instead of Taking the Bus

Walking is possibly the best type of exercise you can do. It will help you burn calories, get in shape and build up muscle mass in the process. If it's not raining, choose to walk to work, instead of driving or taking the bus.

Plus, you'll also benefit from filling your lungs with oxygen and getting some much-needed vitamin D from the sun. Wear some mineral-based sunscreen, put on some comfy shoes and enjoy the fresh air!

These hacks will not only get your morning started on the right foot, but they'll also improve your life. Not to mention that getting up earlier will buy you the time you need to take care of yourself, so start making some changes today!

This post was written by Joyce Mason. Joyce is a blogger and she shares, straight-forward insights with readers. Her articles have appeared in several publications and mostly touch upon enhancing happiness and health.

[Editor's Note: Some of our favorite delicious snacks are from Made Good + they have hidden veggies. And when we are playing out in the sun we always bring our Goddess Garden mineral based sunscreen.]

By Guest| March 24, 2017
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