Activism 101

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As a business woman running a national natural and organic cosmetics company with a mission to do good, I am struck by the similarity between the riddance of parabens and the gulf oil disaster. When parabens as a preservative in cosmetics were suspected of causing harm, you as consumers called, wrote letters and stopped buying until businesses responded by replacing them. You’ll be glad to know that Ecco Bella had long ago made our natural beauty products primarily preservative-free.  Now once again, we consumers must use our combined power to compel elected officials to act to fix the murdered Gulf of Mexico.

Mobilizing against government paralysis

Unfortunately we’ve seen this kind of inaction too many times. In the previous administration it seemed like government policy. And even today there still persists a glacial speed to disaster management. Fortunately, there is action afoot by our noble citizens!

I emailed Lisa Jackson, Head of the EPA at to complain about the use of Corexit to disperse the oil. More pollution is not an acceptable solution.

We need every able bodied person in boats and ships on top of the spill on the high seas collecting that oil in hair booms and every way possible. Take a look at this wonderful and simple solution.

Pioneering green for environmental beauty

My outcry against the government is meant to be a strong statement about accountability and responsibility. I want to help fix what’s broken about the entire scene by rallying with you to the cause. Oil production should not be a priority over our food supply and the lives of all the animals and the tourism that earns so much more. Oil as a fuel supply is temporary and replaceable, all else is not. Similarly, this basic truth has been the inspiration behind Ecco Bella. I started the company in 1992 out of protest to the testing of animals for cosmetics. My mission is to use my knowledge and passion for you by keeping my "activist eyes" on every aspect of Ecco Bella and the world around us. What’s more, I am convinced that with your help, our country can conserve and innovate ourselves out of this self-destructive dependence on oil.

Activist 101

I started by buying a car so small it literally sips gas. I also signed up for clean energy. For me it’s Atlantic City Wind Power for now....

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By none| June 12, 2010
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