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Barbaras Bakery cereal shredded oats puffins ultima organic natural living Cereal Brands Fiber Northern California in the 1970’s was the epicenter of the natural foods revolution. Those pioneers believed in living a more simple life, one that worked in concert with nature. They had a real respect for the planet, and the bountiful ingredients it gave us. Concepts that we take for granted today – natural and organic eating, sustainable agriculture, green living – were all born in the Bay Area by people who believed that healthy eating led to living healthier, happier lives.

One of those pioneers was a 17-year-old girl named Barbara Jaffe. In 1971, Barbara opened a small organic bakery with a strong commitment to the beliefs of the burgeoning natural foods movement, but with a slightly different point of view: what good is healthy food if no one will eat it?

Barbara made sure that her naturally healthy foods tasted great as well. It’s no surprise that Barbara’s is still thriving – right in Northern California, in the same place it all started back in 1971. And Barbara’s still lives by the principles their founder believed in: that making all-natural ingredients with great tasting recipes will make your family healthier and happier. Naturally.

Now, 38 years later, Barbara’s Bakery® makes an array of healthful foods, including all natural and organic cereals, snack bars, cookies and crackers. The company remains steadfastly committed to food without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and free of hydrogenated oils, trans fats and refined white sugar. More recently, Barbara’s has focused on nutritional wellness by launching Ultima® Organic Cereals- a line of medley-component cereals that leverage key functional ingredients, such as flax, anti-oxidant fruit and blue corn to gain the health benefits of Omega3’s, natural vitamins and boosted fiber claims.

Barbara’s efforts to keep the planet healthy expand into efforts with various environmental action agencies. Barbara’s has been a longtime supporter of Audubon’s Project Puffin, a project that promotes responsible stewardship of puffin colonies on the historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine. All Barbara’s Puffins® and Organic Wild Puffs® cereal packages feature information on Project Puffin. In the summer months, Barbara’s also sponsors the Puffins Cam to allow viewers to watch puffins online via live stream video.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) combines grassroots policy development and public education to promote the ecologically integrity of over 100 million acres of refuge land throughout the USA with the goal of ensuring a diverse spectrum of plants and wildlife for the future. To help promote this amazing organization, Barbara’s now features the NWRA on select packaging of the Barbara’s Shredded Cereal line and is currently running a sweepstakes to encourage people to visit a national wildlife refuge in their area. Simply tell Barbara’s about your experience at a refuge and be entered to win an exclusive grand prize trip to Alaska.

For more information on Barbara’s Bakery® and to see their full line of products, browse their website at

By none| May 06, 2009
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