Being A Green Valentine

By Natural Living For Women

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Being A Green Valentine

Did you head into the new year thinking you were going to be greener or more natural this year? Yes? Well here is a challenge for you. With Valentines Day just around the corner what can you do to make this holiday a little more eco friendly.

Sometimes thinking about being green goes out the door when it comes to holidays. I know I've been guilty of this myself. I find it does take a little pre-planning and a little more looking to find what I want. I will do well until I run into a time crunch and then I find myself going with an old standby. If you find yourself doing this remember that being green and natural takes some time to become a part of your thinking and a consideration as you shop.

Let's start with the cards. We will send lots and lots of cards. Here are your choices.

Make your own. Can be very eco friendly and fun if you use recycled materials. Shop on-line from an eco friendly company. Check out your local green stores or health food stores. Don't forget e-cards. Many companies carry these for free or a small cost. The animated and musical cards can be fun and romantic. If you find yourself at the local drug store, all is not lost. Hallmark makes cards that contain recycled material (look for the green recycling emblem) and I'll bet there are other companies that do too.
Organic Bouquet Roses

Flowers, well, if you have the chance to buy locally grown this is the way to go but one of the best places to shop for beautiful flowers either for yourself (15% of women buy their own flowers) or for others consider Organic Bouquet from Amazon. There is still time to order. They are green, fair trade and beautiful.

For candy, I am going to suggest you buy fair trade chocolate. If you have a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or other health food store check them out for some of the best and greenest Valentines candy. Online visit Kate's Caring Gifts for a good selection. Yes, these chocolates are more expensive and you won't get as many but these are delicious, savor every mouthful chocolates not the kind you pop in your mouth one after another. Fairly made chocolate is something that does not happen often enough when growing or processing cacao...

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By Natural Living For Women| February 04, 2011
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