Discarding CFLs

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Post from the Past:

Recently one of our CFLs burned out. Since they contain a small amount of mercury I knew that I could not just discard it.

So I clicked over to Earth911.com. At the top of their webpage they have this nifty thing where you type in what you want to recycle and your zip code and up pops a list of places in your area that recycle your item. So simple!

I found out that our local Home Depot recycles CFLs. Since my husband was already making a trip there I sent the burnt out light bulb along with him.

It turns out finding the drop spot was not as easy as using Earth911.com.

After asking the 3rd person, my husband was directed to a small unmarked orange bin in the corner of the store. The customer service tech showed him the simple process;

  1. Place bulb into a plastic bag
  2. Tie bag
  3. Deposit in a special container
Simple and easy.

The CFLs are then transported to the city's recycling center (which we could have taken them to ourselves but Home Depot was closer and "easier") 

While I was on Earth911.com I did learn some information about CFLs that I had not known before:
This type of light bulb uses a fraction of the electricity used by incandescent light bulbs. CFLs are becoming a household name for many reasons,..

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By none| May 01, 2011
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