Dishwasher Trick: Vinegar Banishes Water Spots

Use vinegar as a natural rinse aid in your dishwasher. Keywords: dishwasher, rinse aids, rinse aid alternative, green dishwasher, green dish cleaning, green cleaning, natural cleaning, vinegar, natural kitchen, natural dish washingWashing dishes can be a hassle. For those of you fortunate to own a dishwasher, you'll know water spots can be easily avoided with various rinse aids. But did you know that rinse aids leave a thin chemical residue on the “clean” dishes—a residue that you ingest whether you like it or not?

I have changed my dishwashing habits and now use eco-friendly powder or liquid detergents. When I switched detergents, I ran into a hard-to-clean problem: My dishes were riddled with water spots. So I did a little research and discovered a wonderful little trick that works great and costs less than conventional detergents: A little vinegar zaps water spots.

Pour white vinegar in the rinse aid compartment of your dishwasher, and you will be amazed at the results. Living in an area with soft water definitely helps.

No matter how many dishwasher loads you do a week, purchasing green detergents is the friendlier way to go.

By Melissa Maker| November 25, 2008
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About the Author

Melissa Maker

Melissa Maker

Melissa is passionate about making living environments cleaner and greener. She has been featured in newspapers and televisions shows. Melissa has even been featured as an expert in eco-friendly cleaning tips and techniques in interviews and speaking engagements. Melissa is the owner and operator of Clean My Space, which focuses on cleaning condo suites for busy urbanites. Melissa’s clients and staff are encouraged to use green cleaning products and techniques whenever possible and she is always researching new products and techniques to share with readers.

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