Eco Friendly Motor Show

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Normally when you go to a motor show, you expect to see gas-guzzling Ferraris and Porsches, however, an eco-friendly motor show has just been announced that will demonstrate all the latest green motoring initiatives.

Ecovelocity will run from September 8-11 at London’s Battersea Power Station and will show off the latest in electric, hybrid, fuel-efficient and other eco-friendly motoring initiatives. Many of the major car-makers are attending, and the three-day programme includes:


• The ‘Seat young drivers’ programme for 11-16 year olds
• The ‘Honda my first licence’ introduction to motorcycling for young children
• The Green Supercar Paddock
• The Eco-Lab – the science behind eco-motoring

Eco Motoring

Motoring, long seen as a major cause of pollution and damage to the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions, it’s no wonder that the motoring industry is taking green issues seriously.

The rising price of fuel has probably helped encourage this paradigm of motoring, in both the industry and with motorists, with fuel-efficient cars able to save people money perhaps an even bigger factor than the pollution they cause.

Even motorsport is taking green issues seriously with the pinnacle of the sport, Formula One, planning to cut the engine size used, reduce fuel consumption, and is already using renewable energy systems in their cars.

Driving Green

Buying a greener car is perhaps not something everybody can afford; especially since the Government scrappage scheme has now come to an end, but we can all reduce our fuel consumption as well as increase the fuel economy of the vehicles we currently drive, just by changing our motoring habits.

Simple steps such as ensuring our tyres our at recommended guidelines and the car is carrying no excess weight and has been properly serviced, will all make differences to economy. While the way...

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By none| May 05, 2011
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