Evolution of The Lawn

Evolution of The Lawn

How did we get so into grass?

Early lawns were nothing more than pasture and became popular in Europe from the Middle Ages onward, but it wasn’t until the Tudor and Elizabethan eras that the garden and the lawn became a place to be loved and admired. In these times, lawns were created as walkways and play areas and were often made up of meadow plants such as chamomile.

In the early 1600s, the Jacobean epoch of gardening began and so did the closely-cut English lawn. In these times only the gentry could afford lawns. In Victorian times the lawn concept took on a Mediterranean feel as bordering emerged along with sculptures and statues as well as water features such as ponds and fountains emerged.

It wasn’t until after the Civil War that lawns began to appear in middle class residences. At the end and towards the end of the 19th century the lawn as we know it took hold in the suburbs of North America, with the innovation of lawn mowers and sprinklers.

As the lawn has evolved, why hasn’t our thinking when it comes to the esthetics of our yard in this time of conservation? Who says that a yard has to be made of grass?

There are many options, such as planting chamomile or thyme instead of grass, subscribing to let the land be dominated by whatever weeds and native plants are most predominant, or getting rid of the grass altogether creating a rock garden.

Rock has a number of benefits that will make any lawn lover take another look. First, you don’t have any upkeep except for the gardens you decide to build in. Border plants such as lilacs are hearty and don’t require the water that a lawn does. Rocks are clean and help to keep the dust down in the summer months, as well as holding down moisture in the soil below and protecting it from wind and sun.

As rocks don’t require cutting or water you will not only save on time, but your pocketbook will also thank you. Without additional fuel, water and electricity costs you will have more money and time to enjoy your newly rocked out world!

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