Green Enough, by Leah Segedie: A Book Review

Green Enough, by Leah Segedie: A Book Review

On page 3 of the introduction of Leah Segedie’s book, Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!, she states her philosophy and sets the tone for the book: “This home is GREEN ENOUGH to be healthy, and CHILL enough to be happy.”

With that in mind, the introduction goes on to spell out what Ms. Segedie’s stance is on just about everything having to do with the chemicals and other contaminants that are in our food, health and beauty care items, and personal environment. In quick succession she introduces examples of the realities of contaminated meat, carcinogenic popcorn, pesticide-ridden strawberries, hormone-disrupting ingredients in personal care products, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and petroleum-derived preservatives in breakfast cereals.

Green Enough: A review

Leah doesn’t mince words, renaming GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients as Generally Recognized as Bullshit. She clearly harbors little love for any government agency, food manufacturer, or other industry folks who should be looking out for our health and welfare but instead are pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers and selling us foods and other products that are hazardous to our health.

Depending on where you may want to begin on your healthy living journey, you can jump into:

  • The perils of the foods on supermarket shelves and how to navigate them safely (along with lots of recipes to help you make the most of your healthy choices)
  • How to sidestep toxic food packaging
  • Identifying the cleanest produce, meats, and dairy foods available
  • Ways to detox each room of your house (a personal favorite of ours in this book, and she also includes a list of flame-retardant-free furniture that is most helpful)
  • The many hazardous cosmetics and personal care products on the market and how you can do so much better with minimal effort (including some DIY safe products)

If you are newer to the healthy living lifestyle, it may be a little challenging not to feel an overwhelming sense of “OMG, I am being poisoned from every angle” as you read this book. Our advice: read and digest little bits at a time. Institute changes in your lifestyle gradually. Take baby steps. This is a book you can pick up, read a few paragraphs, and then evaluate the information and figure out how you will implement any desirable changes. Use it as a go-to reference book.

The chapters on food and food packaging may be especially awe-inspiring for anyone who has not thought about making her recommended changes (e.g., recognizing the most contaminated fruits and vegetables , switching to safe food containers, banning factory farm foods from your diet, introducing nutrient-rich foods to your kids, etc.).

Final thought

Kudos to the author for including numbered references for each chapter of her book. For those of us who like to know where statements of fact have come from (versus becoming frustrated over mountains of fake facts and fake news), this is most welcome. As parents, we appreciate how Segedie is clearly fighting not only for her readers but for her kids and all the kids out there. Her tenacity adds credibility to the book and, even if you don’t agree with something she has shared, at least you can be confident that her facts are backed by references.

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