GreenSmart's Recycled Bottle Based Gear

By GreenSmith Consulting

I've had the pleasure of watching Grass Valley California based GreenSmart make the transition to a green company over the past three years, done with thought and full consideration of the impact of the options they were exploring. With the release of their Bottles 2 Bags messenger bag line, they've truly hit it out the park.

In the video on my site I'll take you on a little tour or their Baringo bag, and point out some lesser known details that clearly show how a company can effectively balance quality gear while being strongly sustainable. They've clearly hit their stride, and get that it's about meeting people's needs first, then giving them the background of how their purchase is making a difference. Not in a preachy way, but very encouraging and empowering.

The hang tag on the messenger bag says many things - About the contents of the product, how it was made, and the story of the Baringo name (It's the 2nd most endangered Giraffe species, which is why they donate 10% of their profits to the World Wildlife Fund, among others.)   But this sentence says it all: "We're not perfect yet, but we're taking our cues from you."

One thing I left out from the video review: The bag has a sturdy rectangular base, helping keep its shape as you carry your gear around town or on your travels. Youtube seems to have chopped the last 10 seconds, I said, "Go have a look for yourself, I definitely give them my seal of approval. They can be found at" And ha ha, that screen capture below is something else! No I'm not raging angry, promise.

Readers: What other companies out there have you seen going green in a smart way, with integrity, in a way that...


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By GreenSmith Consulting | July 17, 2010
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