How To Green Your Travel Abroad Routine

By Cara Smusiak on March 04, 2009

Photo by Dan ZenTravel is hard on the environment. Taking the train is a much better than if you're flying, but you can't take a train across an ocean. And if you're opting for eco-travel instead of the usual resort in the Caribbean, then I commend you. But sometimes sustainable travel just isn't in the budget-or there's no space available when you have time off from work. And if we all suddenly stopped going to places that aren't the most eco-friendly, the tourism economy would collapse.

While we don't have a solution for cutting emissions created by jet fuel (though carbon offsets are always in order) and we have no plan for protecting marine wildlife from cruise ships, Naturally Savvy has five tips for greening your next vacation. 

Click here to read our full article on Planet Green.

By Cara Smusiak| March 04, 2009
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