Naturally Savvy's Top Exposés from 2013

By Naturally Savvy

Now that we've had a few weeks to decompress from the shift into 2014, we can't help but look back on 2013 with fond memories--especially when it comes to some of the stories we featured on Naturally Savvy. From our exposés to Andrea's insightful stories, here are the articles that made 2013 a Savvy year to remember.

Top 5 Exposés

We're known for our cutting edge exposés, led by founder Andrea Donsky. We've got many more in store for 2014 and beyond, but here's a look at the best from 2013.

Feminine Hygiene Products: A Woman's Issue with Toxic Implications

Asian Food Investigation: Hidden Scary Sushi Ingredients Exposed 

Does 'Maraschino' Mean Poison? Walmart's Maraschino Cherries Are Really Toxic

Scary Ingredients Used in Bread Manufacturing

7 Scary Food Ingredients to Avoid

Andrea's Stories

We love our founder! Andrea Donsky brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable perspectives to Naturally Savvy. All of her posts are riveting, but here are our top picks from the last year.

An (Unplanned) Artificial Color Experiment

Kids Like Green Drinks Too

My Journey to GMO Free and Why it is so Important 

Easy Bake Oven or is it Queasy Bake Oven?

3 Seriously Deceiving Healthy Foods

Editor's Picks

Some stories really rocked us this year, too. Here are a few we're really proud of. We hope you'll enjoy them, too.

4 Reasons Why I Trashed My Microwave

Food Then and Now: How Nutrition Has Changed

GMO 'Genewashing': The Food Industry's Plan to Keep You Unhealthy

FDA Proposes Ban on All Artificial Trans Fats

Del Monte's GMO Pineapple Approved in the U.S.

The Trouble with Tilapia

Diet Soda Manufacturers Feeling the Pressure Over Aspartame Concerns

By Naturally Savvy| January 17, 2014
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