The Bottle Fed Generation

By Green Benefits

Convenience in America is our primary goal. How can we make life easier? We want to reduce the time we spend on everyday things like cooking, work, and shopping; but at what expense? Plastic water bottles are made for convenience, and are indeed convenient; they are everywhere you look, at restaurants, stores and schools.

The problem is that it is not convenient for the environment to consume millions of barrels of oil a year to produce plastic water bottles. It is also not convenient for people’s bodies to be exposed to harmful chemicals like BPA that are in disposable plastic. We are the bottle fed generation, we buy disposable plastic like it’s going out of business, because it’s convenient; and the companies that produce disposable plastic don’t seem to be troubled about the detrimental effect that their products have on the environment.

It is for this reason that Green Benefits and WaterFillz are partnering up to educate people about the negative effects of disposable bottles and promote sustainability. It is their hope to wean the bottle fed generation with eco-friendly, safe reusable water bottles, and by providing convenient, easily reached clean water.

WaterFillz is based in Vancouver Canada, and it is their primary goal to provide clean water through their WaterFillz kiosks. They feature a state-of-the-art four step filtration system that completely filters, disinfects and cools regular tap water with less energy than an average household light bulb. This revolutionary product is already popular on several university campuses in Canada, and with the help of Green Benefits, will soon be available to all schools and businesses in North America.


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By Green Benefits| July 09, 2010
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