The Depot Tavern and Soy Babies

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The Depot Tavern and Soy Babies There’s a new bar/restaurant that has popped up in downtown Minneapolis, right next to the ever-famous music venue First Avenue, called. Though not the most original name, as I can think of several other things also named The Depot, they do have something magnificent going for them… they are vegan and vegetarian friendly! And they label the menu as such. Hooray! I had their Mock Duck Tacos and found them to be delightful. I can’t wait to go back to try more of their enticing vegan options. It’s also quite a convenient place to meet your friends for drinks before a concert. But be warned: the restaurant does get busy about an hour before showtime, so plan accordingly. I anticipate they will have no problem being profitable in that location.

As far as the atmosphere goes, it caters to the concert-going crowd. The young adults with hipster tendencies. And I’m not saying this in a snobbish, anti-hipster way. It’s just the most represented type of person seen at that establishment. And actually, my friends and I seemed to fit in pretty well there. So, perhaps we have some hipster flair in us, too. Whatever the case, we had a great time, enjoyed great food, and great local beer on an insanely frigid night when we could have easily stayed safe in the comfort of our little apartment. But thanks to the Minneapolis skyway system, walking there was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

I should also point out that one of the couples we were out with brought their 1+ year old baby along. And every woman in the establishment seemed absolutely fascinated by our group for this reason. We became the popular table in no time. To make matters even cuter...

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By none| January 24, 2011
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