The greenest lawn on the block

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The greenest lawn on the block

You don't have to live on a farm to see the value in conserving water. While we know that the type of grass growing in a given region will vary depending on the climate of the area, there's a new grass in town that can conserve water and energy and save you some money too.

Pearl's Premium was developed by Jackson Madnick as an ultra low maintenance alternative to your typical lawn. The seed blend Madnick created only needs to be mowed once a month, is drought-tolerant thanks to its 12-inch roots and doesn't need to be watered after the first month post-planting. The blend is comprised mostly of fescue, ideal for cooler climates and earth-friendly in that it grows more slowly than the blue grassses that commonly make up most commercial lawns.

Pearl's Premium is available in two different seed mixes: the "Sun Mix" for 50 per cent sun to full sun per day or the original mix, called "Shade Mix," which is ideal for 50 per cent sun or partial to full shade. And for those who prefer their grass stay put, Pearl's Premium doesn't move once planted and won't make its way into your garden or the neighbour's yard.

Pear's Premium can be purchased directly from the official website, at one of Madnick's workshops or at regional Whole...

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By none| June 11, 2010
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