Holiday Drinks

Join Andrea and Brian in the Kitchen making some nutritious and refreshing holiday drinks.

Caleigh Rykiss: Fit Box Trainer

Building Self Confidence Through Combat Sports

Special Guest Charles Hanna

Charles Hanna stops by with a special message for all of us.

Magic Pumpkin Muffins!

Join Andrea and Brian in the Kitchen for this absolutely hilarious episode. You have to check out the look on Andrea's face around the 16 minute mark.

#MadeByMe Unjunk Your Halloween with KC and Brooke

Join us as we Unjunk Your Halloween Snacks with the adorable KC and Brooke in the kitchen.

Healthy Halloween Candy

Healthy Candy Options for Halloween

Yummy Warming Potato Leek Soup

So many great health benefits of this great soup. You need to make it at home.

We're In A Pickle

Watch us make these simple homemade pickles and learn about fermented foods and how good they are for your health!

What's a Macaroon 5 - Watch To Find Out

LIVE in the Kitchen with Andrea & Brian: We're Making Macaroon 5! Five simple ingredients to make yummy, homemade, healthy macaroons. We used our partner's Barleans coconut oil in the recipe and it was delicious!!

Did Someone Say Facon "aka fake bacon"?

We are making facon with Brian Gangel to top our super healthy Caesar Salad with. It was so delicious! Wish you could have been there to try it but you can definitely try this recipe at home.

We're Back in the Kitchen With Brian Gangel

Learn about multidimensional foods. This one is super delicious so check it out.

Fitness Tips with Coach J

Haven't worked out in a while and need help getting started? Follow Coach J's great tips to get in shape for everyone form beginners to more advanced.

Raw "Turtles" with Brian Gangel

Who doesn't love the taste of a "turtle"? But we all don't need the high fructose corn syrup and caramel coloring. In this Live video we whip up some "turtles" that are good for you. Tune in to find out more.

Digestion: Are you pooping? 😁  Q&A

Back by popular demand is Lorene Sauro. No question about poop or digestion is too embarassing for her. Watch to find out everything you need to know.

Healthy Back to School Snacks

We'll talk about some of the healthiest snacks from our sponsors.

Live with Wineke Engelage

Wineke Engelage talks to us about energy healing and performs a clearing. If you are not familiar with this type of healing work, this is a great introduction.

Here at Naturally Savvy We LOVE Essential Oils

LIVE with Andrea Donsky and Lisa Stokke: The Benefit of Essential Oils!

Hot Dogs Have Questionable Ingredients

Watch Andrea Donsky's Weinervention featuring Applegate!

Do You Know About Holistic Dentistry?

LIVE with Andrea Donsky & A Holistic Dentist- TMJ, Snoring, Root canals, Amalgams, Flossing, and more.

Do We Really Need to Floss?

New Research shows we don't have to floss for better oral care. Here's what we think about that!

The Healthiest Food on the Planet

LIVE with Andrea Donsky: What is the healthiest food on the planet? Can you guess?

Want to Know About Gut Health? This is a MUST watch Facebook Live!

Our gut is our second brain, learn how to optimize gut health with expert Lorene Sauro.

Made by Me!

KC is at it again. We love her creations in the kitchen. Today she makes a kid friendly mojito and more kid friendly recipes. Tune in to find out what they are.

Made by Me!

We're in the kitchen again with KC and her cousins whipping up healthy snacks for kids. Watch to find out about the secret ingredient in Noah's dip. He grows it in his school garden. How amazing is that!

Could Inflammation Be Leading to Your Chronic Health Issues?

Learn how to manage the inflammation that could be leading to so many chronic health issues including pain, depression, or anxiety. Julie Daniluk joins us to discuss how she healed her inflammation and how you can help yourself.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Goddess Garden Sunscreen But Were Afraid to Ask

Live from our Sponsor's Head Office in Boulder, Colorado, Goddess Garden is here to answer all your sunscreen and skin repair questions.

Robyn O'Brien on Facebook Live

Learn about how we got to this "allergy" state with the Robyn O'Brien. She is the author of "The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.”, a TEDx speaker, and a mother of four and she also founded the Allergy Kids Foundation

Safe Sunscreen & Sun Care

Do you know what is in your sunscreen? Watch this Facebook Live video and see. Thanks to our sponsor Goddess Garden for hosting with us and making amazing sun care products.

Made by Me!

We're back in the kitchen with KC and Brooke making some healthy snacks for kids. We would love for YOU to submit your own Made by Me recipes. You can do so here. Your recipe will be featured on our site and on social media.

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself from EMF!

How to Protect Yourself from Wireless Radiation and EMFs. Interview with Armando Scarlato Jr. from EMR Shield.

Savvy Travel

LIVE from Austin, TX. Healthy tips from the Road. AND special guest from Natural Vitality HQ!

Made by Me!

This is a very special Facebook LIVE segment for 2 reasons. 1. Because it's Mother's Day this weekend and 2. Because it features two very special guests - my daughter KC and her friend Brooke. At Naturally Savvy, we want to inspire kids to get in the kitchen and cook REAL food so we launched a new program called 'Made By Me.' We would love all of YOU to submit your kids' recipes and pictures and we will feature them on our website and social media channels.

Do you find it hard to eat out and stay healthy?

On Facebook LIVE Andrea Donsky talked openly about eating out with food intolerances, food preferences, and tips on how to avoid the Scary 7 at a restaurant.

What are the Scary 7?

On this Facebook LIVE with Naturally Savvy founder Andrea Donsky! We covered some great alternatives to avoid the Scary 7.

Andrea Donsky LIVE on Facebook!

We reviewed some great new products with probiotics from our partners including Uncle Matt's Organic, Melt Buttery Spread, Bigelow Tea and Bio-K+.

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  • Lily of the Desert

    The Original Super Juice. Aloe vera health benefits have been known for 5,000 years. Whether taken internally or applied topically, it has incredible benefits for digestion & soothes the skin.

  • Bigelow Tea

    For over 70 years, Bigelow Tea has perfected each recipe, then carefully put each teabag in a protective pouch - quality you can taste & smell.

  • Natracare

    Since 1989, women around the world have chosen Natracare high quality, organic cotton, chlorine-free & natural feminine hygiene products with confidence.

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