Feeling Your Best During Pregnancy

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Feeling your best during pregnancy is as much about you as it is about your baby. Keywords: Feeling Your Best During Pregnancy, pregnant women, weight gain, maternity clothes, healthy weight gain, constipation, pregnancy, fetus, prenatal, vitamins, health and wellnessPregnancy is a special time in your life when your actions have a direct effect on the well being of another human being.

To enhance the experience and contribute to the healthy development of your fetus, you need to focus on feeling your best. Many of us are aware of the importance of eating well and taking a prenatal vitamin during these 9 ½ months. Another basic need is your emotional wellness in order to create a happy, calm, and nurturing environment in which your fetus can flourish. Part of feeling emotionally well is feeling good about our bodies. Give yourself permission to take care of your body, both inside and out.


Women in North America are constantly on the go. We work, work out, upgrade our skills, moonlight to make extra money, have long commutes, volunteer, care for ours and other children. The list seems endless. We are constantly in the process of doing something or feeling as though we should be doing more.

Pregnancy is a time when our bodies are already overworking. Our bodies need ample time to rest to manage the colossal challenge of creating a human being. We should be as stress free as possible.

There are things we cannot change and others we can. Take a look at your life to see if there are commitments you can drop. When in need, feel free to ask for help. Most people enjoy helping pregnant women—they believe it is good karma.

Take a Few Minutes for Your Appearance

Pregnancy can make a lot of women feel awkward. Our bodies are changing, making us forget the sexy woman we used to be—you know, the one hidden under a big stomach and expanding hips.

Rather than letting yourself fall prey to the belief that there’s no point in even trying to look good, ensure you spend a few minutes doing your hair and applying a bit of make up. Do this even when you don’t feel like it. You will appreciate it every time you walk by a mirror or bump into an old friend on the street.

Get Massages

Massages are ideal because they work on both our emotional health as well as our physical health. Stress and worry tend to get stored in our muscles. Since all of us have at least some level of stress in our lives, do yourself a favor and book a session with a registered massage therapist who is trained in prenatal massage. Your body will thank you for it when it is over. Keep in mind, many extended health insurance programs cover massage therapy, so take full advantage of this perk.

Buy Maternity Clothes You Love

Although maternity wear has come a long way, much of it is still dowdy and unflattering. Rather than buy pieces you are not especially fond of, visit a nicer maternity store and buy a few key pieces you absolutely love that fit well. Buying fewer, better quality clothes will allow you to feel confident and pretty rather than just large. An added bonus: If you are planning a second pregnancy, your better quality clothes will more likely withstand the use.

Take Prenatal Yoga or Exercise Classes

Enjoy the uniqueness of being pregnant and take advantage of activities you can only do for these 9 ½ months. By taking a prenatal class, you will be surrounded by other women with similar shapes who are going through the same changes. Many pregnant women express that the company of other pregnant women is important to their enjoyment of the journey. Other pregnant women provide great advice and are able to relate to your experiences. Often, these classes allow women the opportunity to make friendships that last beyond the pregnancy when they continue to share the pleasures and trials of birthing and mothering.

Drink Enough Water

The most common sign of dehydration is fatigue. Coincidentally, feeling tired is the most common pregnancy complaint. It is important to drink your water regularly throughout the day to ensure that your body gets what it needs because nobody can feel good if they are constantly tired. Constipation is another common pregnancy concern that is often remedied with proper hydration. Aim for eight to 10 glasses a day. To make it more enjoyable, add pieces of fruit such as lemon, raspberries, or strawberries for subtle flavor.

Take an Omega 3 Supplement

These essential fatty acids are key for making your hair and skin look wonderful. Omega 3 supplements may also help to provide the necessary lubrication to your skin to prevent stretch marks. More importantly, they nourish the brain and ward off depression, and are also vital for your baby’s health and development. Load up on these vital nutrients.

We should not underestimate the importance of feeling good in pregnancy. Even though more emphasis is traditionally placed on our physical health, our emotional health is just as important. So, remember to nurture yourself the way you plan to nurture your baby. It really is one and the same in the end.

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