Holistic Help for a Feline's Flaky Skin

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Dear Dr. Shawn:

I am hoping you can offer some help regarding my ragdoll cat, Seal. She is five years old and quite skittish. Along with her nervousness, she pulls out clumps of hair while she's grooming. This is a regular occurrence and she has done this all her life. She also has some flaky skin. I haven't been able to get a satisfactory solution from my regular veterinarian. She is currently eating a dry food (light hair ball formula); she doesn't particularly care for other brands and won't eat soft canned foods at all. Can you make any suggestions for her? It breaks my heart to see her suffering.


If your cat has pulled out her hair her entire life, this may be a normal, although overzealous, grooming pattern for her.

Flaky skin can be simple dandruff (mild seborrhea) or the sign of underlying diseases. Any skin or internal disease can cause flaky skin, so a proper diagnosis is needed. For cats in my holistic practice with mild flaky skin and no other problems, I recommend the following approach:

  • Feed a good natural food (homemade or processed) free of byproducts and chemicals. This means finding Seal a new diet; your veterinarian may be able to help with this, or you can find help in my award-winning book The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats.

  • Try bathing her with a hypoallergenic or anti-seborrheic shampoo. I recommend the Golden All-in-One Shampoo from my line of USDA-certified organic pet shampoos. This is tough for cat owners, but I always encourage owners to try bathing their cats unless they know the cat will become difficult to handle. Bathing several times a week will help.

  • Supplementation with enzymes can increase nutrient absorption and helps with many skin disorders.

  • A good fatty acid supplement (fish or flax oil) is also useful.

This protocol has worked well for many of the dogs and cats in my practice and I encourage you to give it a try!

Dr. Shawn

By none| December 18, 2008
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