A Guided Meditation for Energy Flow

By Caroline Dupont

A Guided Meditation for Energy Flow meditation yoga mental health learning to relax letting go spiritual health healthy living

The following text is a transcript of a guided meditation practiced for a group that was spending time together exploring the energy field and using awareness in stillness and movement to allow energy to follow its natural course.





Here are a few of the principles we explored:

  • Everything is made of energy.

  • Energy’s natural state is to be free and to transition to a higher and higher vibration as it reaches towards its true nature, which is spirit.

  • The human energy field is infused with an intelligence that draws to it, through the law of attraction, circumstances that point directly to frozen energy patterns so that we can bring awareness to them.

  • Pure awareness is the greatest solvent for blocked energy.

Simply rest as awareness….If your moment was a landscape, the thoughts, the sensations, the sounds, the emotions, would be the objects in the landscape: trees, rocks, birds, animals.

Awareness is the space around the objects. It is the vastness that connects everything, like the sky. The sky doesn’t pick and choose what it allows in its space – and the same goes for awareness. Open your awareness to everything, every aspect of yourself, every thought, every emotion. Open your awareness to every aspect of your circumstances, honestly. Bring everything into the folds of your awareness without picking and choosing.

When you let go of control in this way, you transform your own life from one that is being controlled by an idealized conditioned view to the life that really wants to express itself through you, the most beautiful and the most blessed life – the highest vibration.

Even though there is a profound letting go of control, it is through this letting go that our most powerful actions, choices and decisions come from. This is because they are coming from an authentic place, a wise place, and a loving place: a place that remembers who you are, why you’re here, and what this is really all about.

You’ll know when you are not in your heart, when you’re not living from the highest vibration of the soul, when you are living in judgment. All energy blocks are anchored by judgment – somehow believing that this thought, these circumstances, this person, these emotions, are not right, do not belong. Therefore, by working to let go of judgment, and softening to allow things to be as they are, there’s a huge freeing up of the energy body, a sinking into the heart which is where the soul speaks from. Each time we are still, there is a penetration through the layers of illusion, the layers of personality, the layers of falsely created self.

Remember that this place is always here – there is no need to go searching for it and no need to create it. All it takes is a little bit of slowing down, a little bit of stillness, and a willingness to look at what is arising with a kind eye, a loving eye, an accepting eye, a welcoming eye.

And the magic is that what you are able to do for yourself, you are automatically able to do for others.

By Caroline Dupont| February 19, 2010
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