Brain Health: A Smart Business Connection

brain health mental health healthy brain improve brain health exercise weight loss fat loss healthy eating fitness mindful living stress and balance stress managementBusiness success depends on a healthy and fit brain. As the integrated control center for your body, the health and fitness of your brain is critical to performance. Pull the plug on the connection between the body and brain and you lose the power source for longevity and health.

Finding the Connection

In a recent study, researchers from UCLA discovered a connection between the stress hormone, cortisol, and immune cells that help fight disease. Their research suggests cortisol contributes to the premature aging of the immune cells.

The study reveals the devastating effect of long-term stress. The multi-tasking world of today’s business executive challenges the balance we all need in our life. However, it is a challenge worth fighting, and it starts with feeding and nourishing your brain.

Creating a Brain Power Surge

Brain health allows your brain to function on all cylinders. It builds the cognitive process that is important in how we think, learn, and make decisions. Brain fitness aids performance in areas like memory, eye-hand coordination, multitasking and focus.

Think of brain health and fitness as nutrition and exercise for the brain. Just as the body benefits from good nutrition and exercise, so too, does the brain.

The National Institute on Aging reports that a healthy diet is important for brain health. Mitochondria are the energy source in our cells.  A diet rich in antioxidants and mitochondrial cofactors, such as vitamins E and C, fruits and vegetables, harness age-related, cognitive decline. Some foods rich in antioxidants include berries, broccoli, tomatoes, whole grains and spinach.

Not only good nutrition leads to a healthy and fit brain. A study by the University of Gothenburg, involving 1.2 million men from Sweden, showed the power of exercise for both the body and the brain. The results cited a “clear link between good physical condition and better results” for IQ tests. Exercise your body and you exercise your brain.

Your business provides plenty of exercise for the brain, but too much causes stress. Bring balance by weaving other types of brain exercises into your network of activity. Exercises such as crossword puzzles, learning a new language or studying music are just a few examples. Find exercises that are fun and challenging.

Maintaining the Charge

Your brain and body health and fitness depends on regular maintenance. Develop a health and fitness plan for your brain, just as you would for your body. Create a nutrition-rich diet, and develop an exercise routine for both your body and your brain. Wellness and business success make sense. A healthy and fit brain makes that smart connection. 

By Harriet Diamond| July 16, 2010
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About the Author

Harriet Diamond

Harriet Diamond

Harriet Diamond is the Founder and President of Youthing Essentials. She is a nutritionist and former Silicon Valley executive who faced the same challenges as most women executives and entrepreneurs. That’s why she started Youthing Essentials, so she could share her experience and all she has learned about the value of good health. Harriet knows that good health is a business tool. Youthing Essentials offers the products and information for high-performance in the professional world.

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