Delve into Your Dreams in a Dream Group

By Patti Allen on December 24, 2008

Gain insight into your dreams with a dream group. Keywords: dreams, dreaming, fresh start, dream group, recurring dreams, nightmares, insight, confidence, share dreams, mental health, mind, sleepThe New Year arrives at different times for different cultures, and there are other times of the year that herals a new start. We often think of Spring as the time for new growth and new beginnings, and the beginning of a new school year comes in Spetember for many people in the Northern Hepisphere. Children are sent off to their new classes with fresh books, supplies and school clothes. It’s a chance to start fresh, no matter the challenges of the previous school year. But there’s another fresh start we get every night, when we dream, and we can use those dreams to set our intentions for the coming months of any new season.

One way to work with your dreams is to join a dream group. Dream groups offer us an opportunity to share our nocturnal adventures in a way that is both fun and creates a community of dreamers. They show us that we are not alone in our nightly dream dramas, something that is especially important when it comes to recurring dreams and nightmares.

In a dream group we discover that we all share universal joys and fears, in a way that respects each dreamer’s privacy. While many dream groups are lead by a facilitator, others are self-run by the participants themselves. One of the advantages to working on dreams in a group is that when other people listen to a dream and are encouraged to imagine “if it were my dream”—the common phrase of the Ullman/Taylor model that most groups use—the dreamer can gain new insights and perspectives they might not have reached on their own.

Working in a dream group can give you confidence with the added bonus of confidentiality. You can gain confidence in your ability to solve your life’s problems through your dreams. You can trust your dreams to show you what may be bothering you and what your true feelings are on any given issue. In these groups you can learn to trust your inherent creativity, whether in finding new ways to create your life, or in new, creative projects. At the same time, with their promise to not share the details of any dream outside the group, the members of a dream group create a safe boundary. Remember: What happens in dream group, stays in dream group!

What is needed to begin your own dream group? First off, you’re going to need some dreamers.

If you know other people who are as curious about their dreams as you are, that’s a good start. But remember to choose those with whom you would share your dreams carefully. Only someone who will respect your dreams without the need for ridicule or mockery has dream group potential.

There are books to be read on the subject; Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill by Jeremy Taylor is one of my favorites.

Simply getting together to talk about dreams, researching some simple ways to work with dreams and agreeing to some ground rules to guide the group, will get you started. The group can then decide if you are a do-it-yourself type of group or if you would prefer to find a dream facilitator. Try looking to local colleges and therapists who may already have courses on dreams or on-going groups that are open to the community.

At this time of fresh starts that the autumn months offer, you have the potential to start fresh every night and a dream group of like-minded dreamers can help you manifest your dreams.

As a dream group facilitator, I have had the privilege of guiding dreamers in their fresh starts, but you can try it for yourself and dream yourself anew as we build a society that values its dreams and its dreamers, one dream at a time.

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By Patti Allen| December 24, 2008
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