Heart Chakra Meditation

By Caroline Dupont on March 13, 2011


heart chakra meditation An open heart touches the whole universe. The human energy system has seven primary energy centers often called chakras. Meditation and awareness are potent tools for clearing the chakras and releasing blocked, dense or frozen energy patterns that are preventing us from reaching our highest potential. Within the chakra system, the heart is in the centre with three physically-oriented chakras below and three spiritually-oriented chakras above. The heart is the central powerhouse that unites the spiritual and the physical. When energy is blocked there, the whole system tends to stagnate leaving us feeling closed, fearful and uninspired. When energy is flowing freely through the heart the whole system benefits deeply, and we feel connected, trusting, receptive and clear.           

As we go through our lives with its periods of ease and its times of challenge, the heart will naturally feel light and open at times or heavy and tight at other times. When the heart is feeling uncomfortable, it’s a signal from our soul to bring awareness to the heart as it is doing its best to move through and release old energies (related to beliefs and held emotions) so that we can progress towards our true nature. Uncomfortable feelings don’t mean something is ‘wrong’ – the sensations are simply related to where the energy is at in this moment. We learn to trust the inherent intelligence of the energy system and help it with our willingness to listen. Rather than turn away from discomfort in the heart, we are being asked to bring it presence, acceptance and curiosity. The system is always releasing energy for our greatest good.         

The following is a meditation for opening the heart to bring it into balance. It uses the often referred to metaphor of the energy centers being like lotus flowers blossoming, although any flower that is meaningful for you will make this meditation effective.

Open Heart Meditation

Take a moment to soften your belly and allow the breath to naturally deepen…

Feel your body responding to the breath and simply bring your awareness to the sensations related to the breath and to the physical body in general…

Now, bring your awareness to your heart centre…

There you will find a beautiful flower… see it there… let it show itself in its own time, in its own way … if you don’t see it, just know that it is there. See its freshness and aliveness, its velvety petals … enjoy its beauty…

As you inhale, notice that you are beginning to smell the unique fragrance of the flower of your heart. The more you enjoy the fragrance the more it blossoms and its essence begins to diffuse through your entire being. Bring yourself back to a time in the past when you have inhaled the fragrance of a flower and how that makes you feel. See the molecules of fragrance filling your entire being… filling you with its sweetness ….your head, arms, chest, belly, pelvis, legs and feet. See it diffusing beyond the edges of your body even…. Smell and enjoy…

As the flower fully blossoms you notice that there is a beautiful jewel nestled amongst the petals. See it there, shining brightly, radiating in all directions… up, down, front, back, side to side…. Each time you exhale, see the light of the jewel penetrating more deeply into your being, finding every dark and hidden nook and cranny… illuminating and healing…. Let the light radiate beyond the edges of your being….

Inhale … take in the fragrance… enjoy…

Exhale …radiate light … enjoy…

Do this several more times, taking particular care to send the flower’s perfume and the jewel’s light to areas of your body that are in need of healing right now….


Now, dive into the jewel as deeply as you can and find the flame that is the source of light… see this eternal flame burning brightly … one fire, one spirit….

Connect to the flame and feed it with the following phrases… let these words be fuel for the flame that lights the jewel in the flower of your heart….

May I be happy. (say and feel this, three times)

May I be healthy. (say and feel this, three times)

May I experience loving-kindness. (say and feel this, three times)

May I enjoy the gifts of my talents and abilities. (say and feel this, three times)

May I accept what is. (say and feel this, three times)

Continue to sit in stillness for several breaths, witnessing and allowing (without engaging) any thoughts, emotions and sensations. Rest as awareness itself, noticing particularly any sensations in your heart and trusting the energy to dance its way through your system … notice and allow …


Now go into your day knowing that you always have access to your deepest heart through this image of the flame in the jewel in the flower of your heart.

Inhale, smell and enjoy…

Exhale, radiate and enjoy …





By Caroline Dupont| March 13, 2011
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