Love Can Improve Mental Health

Love Can Improve Mental Health

February is full of love, and is a lovely time to pause and remember all the glorious and lovely things in our life! My promise to myself is to laugh more – to be honest, open, and grateful for this beautiful life. Looking into the soulful eyes of my children always fills my heart with utter joy, so go reach out to a kid, yours or someone close, and ask them for a hug and feel the unconditional love they radiate – especially if you are feeling sad.

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Find Your Center

I like to light one of my pure beeswax candles that our friends make and just stare into the lovely flame and just be. Centering myself for a few minutes always bring me back into alignment and I become once again flooded with a feeling of bliss. There is so much love all around. If I place my hand over my heart, I begin to melt the armor and can actually feel my feelings – even the sad and hurting ones. We all have them and they need our love and attention; just like a small child who is given the time and honored space to feel their pain without being told they are wrong, or having someone rush in with a fix. They go through it and move beyond it with a grace and honesty that is profound! Love works every time.

Mind/Body Connection

Today, I ran out of moisturizer and wanted something different than my usual stand-by of olive oil or coconut oil. I spied an over-ripe avocado hiding in my fruit bowl and proceeded to mash it with a fork and apply it carefully to my parched little face, trying not to get any in my hair. Suddenly, I had an urge: why not put a couple drops of pure essential oils of ylang-ylang and rose into this lovely creamy offering and slather it all over my body? When I rinsed, my skin felt like butter. Taking care of your beautiful body will contribute to positive thinking, so all the more reason to lather up and relax.

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Improve Mental Health with Love

Who do you love? Who loves you? When was the last time you did something completely out-of-the-blue special just for them? An impromptu back rub or foot rub, homemade cookies or a favorite meal, a picture drawn with crayons, or a song sung for your special someone is simple but very meaningful. Just take time to remember yourself too! Breathe a little more deeply, and know that we live in a beautiful world with everything we need to be all we can be. As my son says, kiss yourself!

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