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By Toni Silveira-Gillie on September 08, 2010

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. Everyone was excited and anticipating the baby’s arrival. In what seemed like a very long time in dream land, though, the baby just wasn’t making its appearance. When I woke up I started to think about “what it all means”  as the dream felt important and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to grow. I then thought about what projects I’m working on. I have been working on some for months and months, and I’m finding it difficult to get traction, move them forward and out into the world. There was a huge connection between the stalling in my personal life and the stalling in this dream pregnancy.

So what does someone have to do when they get stalled? What is it going to take to push our projects, our plans, and our vision forward? My initial thought was to just go out there and tackle the projects head on and tick them off my list one by one. Unfortunately, that just isn’t going to cut to the heart of why the project stalled in the first place. The answer lies in the understanding of why I chose to let some projects stall and not others.

Part of the human experience is choice -- what clothes we wear, what jobs we take, what romantic partners we have. In choosing to not do some of the projects I was working on, I was making choices to do other things like spend time with my nearly two-year-old son and work on his language development. It started to become apparent to me that the places where I was spending my energy and time were on the things that bring me a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. While I have a vision for the future and for what I want to achieve out of life, taking a break to just smell the roses isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Pregnancy can feel like an eternity. Just like reaching our goals and dreams can feel like an eternity. In my early twenties I dreamed of owning my own business, having a professional office and staff working for me. It felt like forever until I finally opened my business. I was 28 years old. Looking at it now, that doesn’t sound like such a long time, but in the midst of it, it felt like it was never going to happen. There were periods of time when I didn’t think I was moving towards my goal, yet somehow I still achieved it and at an age others might consider young. Physical action towards a goal is only one part of goal achievement. A very big part is the goal or vision itself.

So what can we do to get out of our ruts, birth our dreams and keep moving forward without guilt and shame from periods of stalling?

My favorite rule of all is to just accept yourself for who you are, love the you that takes you through the day.

Don’t give up on a vision, if it’s what you really want, just because you haven’t worked on it in a while.

Remind yourself why you had your goals in the first place.

Get out the old pen and paper and start dreaming again about how that vision still fits into your life and your plans.

Continue to surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are, but also encourage you to grow so that you’re safe to evolve as a person.

Remember that geniuses have periods of quiet and seeming inaction before they create, and you are no different.

We don’t know all the reasons why life is how it is, but keeping our vision in mind and knowing what our goals are, even when we feel like nothing is moving, we are always being drawn towards them. Be confident that you are worthy of anything you want out of life, and who you want to be.

By Toni Silveira-Gillie| September 08, 2010
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