Powerful Thinking-Part 3

By Joe Weaver on December 18, 2009

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In Part 1 of this article discusses ways in which we give away our power.

Part 2 of this article touches upon two different forms of love.

Now it's time to discuss the energies of spirits and the importance of not giving your power away to the control system for which we live.

Approximately 90 per cent of the world’s population believes in a higher power or God. Even though God cannot be seen with the human eye, the majority still believes that this higher power exists. Most of these people also fear other spirits or beings. In our current culture, children are conditioned to fear unseen beings or spirits. This form of fear has been relied upon for centuries as a security device to make sense of the unseen world. We are taught that if you cannot see something or hear something, it must not be real. Fear is also used as a control device to hold people in a weaker state of consciousness so that they can be ruled. Which leads us into the following topics:

The energies of spirits, entities, evil, and other beings. I describe these unseen energies or beings as either light or dark energy. Most people think that we have to protect ourselves from these beings or energies. Protection is a form of fear. By fearing something, you give your power away to it. There are no exceptions. Love is divine protection and it is all that anyone needs. You can pray to God for protection, which is divine love, but you also have to do your part. God will not protect us from everything in our life. If he did, we would not learn. It is up to us to do our part. If you look to God for guidance then you have to be willing to change.

People create most of the dark energy in their lives. The ego is a form of this dark energy. There are light energy beings in our world also. These light beings come in many different forms and are here to assist us in our life. Even if you do not believe in them, they are still with you. We can ask for assistance from these beings of light, but we don't have to do everything that they say. If you’re going to give your power away to anything outside of yourself, give it to a higher aspect of yourself, such as your I AM Presence, Monad, or God. We are in the human body to learn and master this reality. This is each individual’s responsibility. Listen to your heart and trust yourself.

Our world is a training ground for evolving souls. The structures that are in place are there to hold people in fear and also govern over them. These structures will remain in place until enough souls awaken out of this darkness and see the light. Part of this process is acknowledging the control system that is in place in our world. The longer that people ignore the truth, the longer the control system will remain in place. These powers that be want to hold people in fear so they can continue to have power over them. In doing so, everyone will look to them for protection and guidance.

Be responsible and take control of your own wellbeing. The same goes for the health care systems and doctors. Don’t look to them for all the answers. Do your part and research what ever it is that you are working through. In addition to working with a doctor, try alternative therapies and work with the resources that you have available to you.

Stand up and take control of the environment for which you live. Do not look to or rely on the governments of the world to lead you. You lead them. Do your part and demand freedom. Lets work together and create a world filled with Love and abundance rather than fear, war and destruction.

All of this information may be a little overwhelming. Try not to look at it as one big task; instead try to break it down into little steps. The whole process of enlightenment is pretty simple. We are the ones that make it so complicated. Focus on Love and live everyday of your life like it is your last. There is nothing to fear about love. Integrate it and live it. Through this you will continue to release the things that hold you back.

Peace and love to you!

By Joe Weaver| December 18, 2009
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