There's No User's Manual for Dreams

By Patti Allen on June 05, 2009

There's no user's manual for dreams, but there are plenty of resources to help you decipher your dreams. Keywords: dreams, dreaming, dreamer, feelings, truth, dream resources, mind, sleep, health, mental health, dreams meaning, meaning of dreamsDo you remember the first time you bought an appliance? Maybe it was when you went off to college or left home to live on your own. When you brought it home, opened the box, and saw the label “some assembly required” you were relieved to learn that assembly instructions and an operating manual were included. Although those manuals were no guarantee of success, you felt adequately equipped to eventually operate your purchase. We have come to rely on these manuals in many aspects of our lives. But there is no manual to reference for our ever important inner world, an area that could well benefit from a handbook.

How we feel, what we fear, where we are most passionate, and how we handle human interactions are instead left to the chance of parenting quality and lucky breaks. I propose that dreams are the missing link that would serve as the operation manual instrumental in navigating our lives.

How do dreams offer you a way to operate your life? Dreams will always tell you the truth about your feelings. You may think that you are adjusting to university, an empty nest, a new job, or a difficult relationship, but your dreams may tell you otherwise. Powerful dreams may indicate a range of realities you were previously unaware of such as where things may be improved, a problem, or positive feelings about someone new in your life.

Betty* was an older woman in my dream group who rarely remembered her dreams with the exception of one poignant nightmare. In an effort to understand the dream and hopefully generate some new dreams along the way, she signed up for my course. This eager student was disappointed when the 10-week course ended with no new material to use. One day, long after the course ended, she went on a blind date with a man that friends wanted her to meet. She came back from coffee with Bob thinking he wasn’t her type. No one was more surprised than Betty when she had a dream that night! She remembered how to work with the dream and was able to unravel and understand the dream’s message. It told her to take another look at Bob. She did indeed and gave the relationship a chance. Later that year, Bob and Betty were married, and I had the pleasure of being invited to their celebration. Years later, Betty and Bob are still together.

When you feel unsure of your next step in life, or how to make the right decision, sleep on it! Everything you need to know about yourself and your life is available to you through this magnificent source of self-knowledge. Learning how to decipher the code in the dream’s symbols will help you understand the dream’s message. This process is easier than trying to set the time on your electronic devices, and a lot more fun, guaranteed!

Dream resources are available on line and most cities have professionals skilled in dream work. You may also consider gathering a few trusted friends around your kitchen table, pour a cup of tea, and start sharing your dreams. Before you know it, you will be skilled in operating your lives.

*Not her real name.

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By Patti Allen| June 05, 2009
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