3 Ways To Rid Toxins

3 Ways To Rid Toxins

The World Health Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme released a report that connected the dots between the exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals and the incidence of disease. The report claims that more research is needed in order to determine the exact cause and effect process.

I think its safe to say that most of us would prefer not to wait for conclusive results while we’re exposing ourselves day in and day out to chemically laden household cleaners and personal care products. Instead of being a sitting duck, here are three ways to clean up your act and reduce your exposure to chemicals. Keep in mind that while it can be very difficult to completely rid our environment of chemicals and toxins, we do have some measure of control over it.

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1. Get Natural Beauty Products

What in the world did women do before the invention of thousands of creams, serums, scrubs and oils on the market today? They used ingredients found in nature, such as coconut milk, honey, sea salt and olive oil. These purely natural substances are well known for their beauty benefits. If you’re not into the whole get back to nature thing, try buying your beauty care products from a health food store. While your choices will be much healthier than conventional products, health food brands are not immune to chemical ingredients so you will also need to become a smart label reader. Look for the main ingredients that are closest to nature, such as fruit extracts or food sources. To double check certain brands you can use the cosmetics database from the Environmental Working Group.

2. Get Natural Cleaning Supplies

For centuries, people were cleaning their homes without the wide array of smelly soaps and harsh cleansers. There’s a reason those cleansers have warnings containing ominous skulls and crossbones. Foods such as oranges, lemons, salt, vinegar and baking soda made up the arsenal of cleaning power back in the day. Today, science has revealed that these substances can actually clean surfaces rather effectively. You can also make your own cleaning products or go to a health food store and find the natural products available there.

3. Reduce Your Stress

The third way to cleanse your environment is to start from within. Held in emotions, anxiety and sadness can all become a breeding ground for toxicity within the body. Cleanses are not meant to just clean out the physical body, as one needs to unload emotional toxins as well. Try to find ways to unload any burdens from life that may accumulate inside you. Go for a walk in nature, journal about your experiences and emotional climate on a regular basis and of course, stop and take three to four deep breaths throughout the day. All these activities can help us to let go of anything we may be holding onto that no longer serves us in a positive way. In other words, emotional detoxing is a good way to lighten the body, mind and spirit!

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Once you start detoxing your home and your inner temple, you’ll feel squeaky clean inside and out. You won’t need any scientific proof for that.

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