How To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

How To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control tested the blood and tissues of about 2500 people and found 150 different toxic chemicals, including PCBs, lead, and other carcinogens. These toxins are only a minute portion of the number of chemicals currently in use in North America. Of the more than 75,000 chemicals, less than half have been fully tested for their impact on our health and the environment.

How to reduce toxic exposure:

  • Be a non-smoker and avoid second-hand smoke.
  • Avoid or limit consumption of intoxicants and processed foods.
  • Know how to choose safe body care products.
  • Choose natural or alternative options for your cleaning products.

Health problems that have been associated with toxic accumulation in the body include wide variety of chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer, thyroid dysfunction, neurological disorders, immune system impairment, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and obesity.

Thinking about having a baby? We are often concerned with the health of the woman, but issues with male fertility are found in about half of couples trying to conceive. One main suspect in the decline in male and female fertility is a class of chemical toxins called endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These nasties can disrupt estrogens, testosterone, and thyroid hormone functions.

Makes you think, doesn't it?!

Symptoms of toxicity do not need to be severe to be important to address. Fatigue, bloating, skin problems, bad breath, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, and allergies are all common symptoms that may be caused by or aggravated by toxic overload.


Regular detoxification, also known as cleansing, will help your body eliminate some of these toxins.

Cleansing needn’t be a struggle. In fact, cleansing can be simple, as in the 6 steps below, SIMPLE.

S is for “Select a date to start”

Just like any new plan you undertake, it’s important to choose a start date that works for you. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait for something perfect, but if you plan on starting a cleanse just before your best friend’s wedding, chances are you are setting yourself up to fail. Set yourself up for success and plan for success.

I is for “Implement a plan”

Starting a cleanse doesn’t have to be complicated, but it usually is a change from your usual, so implement a plan on what you need to do, what you need to buy, what you need to avoid. You need to get the right supplements and food so that you’re ready to go. You need a list or at least a clear idea when you go grocery shopping. You might want some support from friends, your partner, and maybe a health professional, especially if you have health issues. You will want to figure out what you’ll do if you do have to eat out or if you’re too busy to cook.

M is for “Make it fit you”

I’m going to state something obvious. You’re all different from each other. No two of you are exactly alike, even if you’re related. For example, my starting point for the detox plan that I set my patients up with eliminates all dairy and all grains. This may be important for a cleanse. But, when I’m working with athletes, I often allow some grains. If I suspect gluten sensitivities, I make sure to exclude foods that would include that.

P is for “Preparation”

Now that you have your plan and it is set to work for you, you need to put that plan into action. Have everything ready before you start. If you don’t, you’re more likely to be challenged.

L is for “List your reasons for doing a cleanse”

Motivation or lack thereof is often what determines success. You may “think” that a cleanse is a good idea, but what really motivates us is how we “feel”. Have you ever wanted to do something, knew it would be smart to do it, but then lost your motivation partway through? Perhaps you got too busy. Perhaps you were bored. Perhaps you were too tired. Or maybe someone else told you it was a bad idea. If you feel that something is a good idea, write it down. Maybe you want to feel more energy (feel energized), maybe you want to stop worrying about your digestive system or skin or allergies (feel happy about your health), maybe you want to set a good example for your family (feel positive about your family’s health), maybe you want to kick start a new healthy way of living (feel hopeful about your future), etc.

E is for “Enjoy how good you feel!”

Why are you even considering doing a cleanse? For most it’s about feeling good! And most people do feel good or great after a cleanse. “Light”, “energized”, and “clearer” are some descriptive words that some of my patients have used.

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