The Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval

Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval

When people perceive a food as nutritious, they tend to let their guard down, especially when it comes to portion control. This is called the "health halo" and marketing and advertising companies take full advantage of it.

Products might be labeled 'trans fat free' even though they contain partially hydrogenated fats, 'made with real fruit' when the product also contains a rainbow of artificial colors, artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup, and 'no salt added', even if the ingredients list monosodium glutamate and other artificial flavors containing sodium. While the unhealthy truths about a food are right there on the label, we are being duped by carefully chosen marketing phrases used to promote one or more healthy qualities of a product, ultimately leading consumers to overeat or to feel entitled to indulge.

At Naturally Savvy, we have a responsibility to help consumers make informed decisions about food, nutrition, and health. We strive to raise awareness about unhealthy ingredients in foods, and other products, by identifying products of exceptional quality that are made with natural, organic, GMO-free ingredients and with your health in mind.

To do so, we created a list of criteria to help us (and you) discern which products are truly healthy and which should be avoided because of potentially dangerous ingredients. Ingredients are so important to our health that we decided to make it official with a Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval™.

The Naturally Savvy Seal of Approvalis our endorsement. When you see a specific product in any of our books, and/or on our website with the logo above, you can be sure it meets our high standards, and is free of the Scary Seven™ ingredients and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Note: This standard applies to individual products only, and at the time our seal is granted, as we cannot guarantee entire product lines as ingredients change on a regular basis. In addition, Naturally Savvy may promote products containing GMOs if a non-GMO alternative is not available at the time. However that product would not receive our seal of approval.

Our Standards:

Individual products that meet our guidelines are awarded the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval™. The Seal helps you identify healthier options, eliminating the guesswork for you. We assess products by carefully scrutinizing the ingredients listed on the packaging, and by tasting or using them to ensure they are tasty or effective. Here is our list of standards:

  • The Scary Seven™: A product's ingredients must not contain any of the following: High-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial flavors, MSG, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and [certain] preservatives known or suspected to cause harm to animals or the human body. These ingredients are referred to as The Scary Seven throughout our website.
  • GMOs*: The ingredients of the product we award our seal to must be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our Seal of Approval is awarded to companies for use online (on their website) and on their packaging should they meet our Non-GMO guidelines.
  • Taste or Functionality: A product may be made using good quality ingredients, but it earns our Seal of Approval only if it tastes good or works as it's expected to.
  • Full disclosure labeling/Transparency: Any company using our seal should fully disclose the ingredients on the package and/or via telephone when asked.
  • Sustainability and/or Charitable Efforts: Companies are making an effort to minimize their carbon footprint and/or give back to their communities.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

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