4 Sacred Kitchen Rituals plus a Spring Detox Pesto Recipe

4 Sacred Kitchen Rituals plus a Spring Detox Pesto Recipe


tiniest, tenders shoots of spring begin to poke their heads above the soil and

tempt us with their light, delicate flavors. When you begin to tune in to the

natural world by noticing which parts of the plants are eaten at which time of

the year, as well as the overall texture and shape of them, then you are truly

a seasonal voyager.

Spring plants are in the paler, chartreuse end of the green

palette (peas, arugula, fennel, asparagus) and we eat the lacy, delicate

leaves, stalks, and tops of the plants this time of year more than the roots. Strawberries, lemons, lettuces are more fragile than the hearty weight of

gourds and squashes which come into season when it’s colder and we need their

supporting nourishment. Seasonings are minimal to enhance the delicate aromas

and tastes on our plates. It’s as if the tentative first steps of nature wants

us to go lightly, gently, and easily as we find our footing with this new


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The Sacred Ritual of Food Preparation


we are in such a hurry to throw together something on a plate, pressed to just

get fuel in our body, we skip over the importance of using our daily

interactions with our nourishment as a moment which can absolutely elevate the

energy of body, mind and spirit in an instant.

Here are four things to remember the next time

you get ready to eat something:

1. Every time you cook and eat a piece of

food, you have an energetic relationship to it so never make food while in a

bad mood or angry. Your emotions go into food and are stored in the body of the

people eating it. Cook with love and openheartedness.

2. Don’t take in negative information from

watching TV or listening to radio news, or from violent programs while you

cook. Instead, listen to beautiful music or sing as you cook, or notice the

sounds of the environment around you, if alone. With others, engage in

respectful and loving conversations.

3. Make mealtimes sacred and peaceful-take

the blessing of the food into the body with each bite.

4. Recycle leftovers and waste. Consider

this part of your meal to be as important as the others. Try to throw away as

little as possible out of respect for those who are hungry in this moment.

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Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out

Now is

the time of year to do with our bodies what we may be doing with our

houses: cleaning out, throwing away what

doesn’t serve us anymore, and starting fresh. Here’s a great recipe for a seasonal condiment that may just make it

onto your plate for every meal, year round.


Detox Pesto Recipe


is the Spanish word for coriander leaves. It is a member of the carrot family. It

is thought that the leaves of the cilantro plant can accelerate the excretion

of mercury, lead and aluminum from the body. This delicious herb can greatly

contribute to a gentle Spring health detox effort. Make

sure your leaves are highly aromatic; if there is no aroma, there is no taste.


1 cup

fresh cilantro leaves (a good packed cup)

1 cup

fresh basil

1/2 cup raw almonds

1 clove

of garlic


of half a lemon


tablespoons of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Directions Combine

all ingredients in a food processor or blender until you get a smooth paste

(you can make the paste less lumpy by adding hot water). Enjoy on toast, fresh bread, crackers; or toss with fresh cooked organic pasta.

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