7 Ways to Celebrate Memories this Mother’s Day

7 Ways to Celebrate Memories this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, give your mom something not because it made the headlines of your favorite home magazine, but because of the nostalgia factor. Find a gift that dates back to childhood. Like a secret pact, this gift may be something only you and your mother would appreciate or understand. It will remind her of a routine or event, that you and her both shared. And each day she looks at it, she will think of you.

1. A Restful Night of Sleep

From the moment you made entry into this world, you have exhausted your mother. From the 2 A.M. wailing as a baby to the evening temper tantrums as a child, and late night phone calls in college, you deprived her of rest. Now that you’re out of the house, you owe her. Give the gift of good sleep with a weighted blanket, a set of organic eye pillows, or an extra luxurious pair of temperature balancing pajamas. Chill Angel, the first company to make 100-percent merino wool pajamas, offers a cozy way for women to keep snuggled all night long, no matter what hot flashes, temperature spikes or cold sweats she tends to battle. They wick away moisture and are incredibly breathable, natural, and elegantly wonderful.

2. The Smell of Your Childhood

Nothing churns our memories quite like a nostalgic smell. Whether it be the fresh cut grass you were made to mow every Sunday, your favorite homemade vanilla cookies, or simply the smell of your home state, a sweet fragrance with a bow on top is a simple way to express your appreciation for mom. Bees-wax candles, essential oils, perfumes and even fresh potted herbs are just a few examples of things you could bring into the home. If you can’t recall a particular smell, Homesick Candles offers an array of soy candles based on the scents of your home state, and you can’t go wrong with that.  When buying candles and items that contain fragrance make sure they don’t contain paraffins and are naturally scented with oils not synthetic fragrances that can cause hormone disruption and allergies. [Editor’s Note: We love Goddess Garden’s new line of perfumes, essential oils and lava rock bracelet. They make excellent gifts.]

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3. A Special Family Recipe

Perhaps the baking gene skipped a generation or two, or nobody had time to devote to your great grandmother’s tedious yet heavenly sourdough recipe. Search the scrapbooks and cookbooks for that recipe from childhood, whether Mom’s or yours, and go to work. The more energy and time a recipe takes, the more you will both appreciate the final product, even if it does turn out less than perfect. Can’t find a recipe? Fill the pages of your own notebook/cookbook and gift it to your mom or check out some of ours. Maybe you put a spin on her classic mac and cheese recipe or added notes about what wine pairs best with each dish. Food is, after all, the ingredient that binds us all together especially when it is made with love.

4. An Accident Amended

Very few of us survived childhood without generating destruction in our wake. You broke a vase with a baseball bat, shattered a family heirloom plate, or spilled grape juice on your mom’s favorite throw. Nothing to be done back then with your piggy bank allowance, your mom forgave you -accidents happen – and she had helped you pick up the pieces. As an adult, you now have the opportunity to replace what you destroyed. Get creative and search your local thrift shops or antique shops for a replica item. If you have a photo of it, try uploading to Google’s reverse image search to scour the web for similar patterns. Seek the advice of other family members for clues as to where it came from. If all else fails, sign up for a partner pottery or painting class with your mom. Imagine her surprise when your final product replicas, if only slightly of that fateful vase. You’ll have all new memories to laugh and smile about, and new keepsakes to share.

5. Her Favorite Words from Her Favorite Writer

With still several months still before the next Mother’s Day, any abnormal questions coming from you will seem less suspicious. Ask her about what books, magazines or podcasts she’s been enjoying lately. If possible, search her bookcase for the most worn copies. Find out which writers she loves the most and get creative. Whether you bring her a book from her favorite author, a signed copy of a novel she already loved, or a catalog of short stories from her favorite columnist, she will appreciate the extra mile you travelled to learn about her.

6. A Relic from Your Favorite Vacation

Even if you didn’t travel much as a kid, think back to some celebrated event that you and your mom both enjoyed. It could be a trip to the beach, a Europe vacation, or simply an afternoon picnic excursion to the park or memorable baseball game. Find a special wine bottle or brand of coffee from that beach holiday, a scarf from her favorite London boutique, a new picnic blanket to replace the old. It may be as simple as a package of popcorn or special soda pop only found at that baseball stadium or as complicated as refurbishing that old, beat up picnic basket into something new.

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7. An Experience You Can Both Enjoy

Looking back is far from the only way to celebrate memories. Make new ones by giving your mom the gift of an experience. Pull the trigger on that Napa trip you’ve talked about for so long, save up for those Hamilton tickets or take a roadtrip to that burger shack you both loved in your hometown. Whether it be a crocheting class, movie date or round of Top Golf, the time you spend together is priceless. Follow up the occasion with a ‘thank you’ note, for everything, and remember all the stories shared for next year.

Alex Gulsby is a freelance writer in the outdoor industry and the founder of WanderWritings.com. She’s based out of Durango, Colorado, where she enjoys hiking, traveling and playing with her dogs. Ask her about the best camp pajamas, she’ll direct you to Chill Angel.

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