Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the World’s Best Mom (Yours)

Healthy Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the World's Best Mom (Yours)

When we think of our mothers, colorful memories of nurturing likely come to mind.  Our mothers not only nurtured us with healthy cooking ideas and care, but also by giving us healthy ideas and opportunities to pursue our talents by signing us up for sports, dance classes and summer camps. When you think about it, before our coaches and trainers were teaching us health, mom was inspiring us with her ideas and encouragement. With Mother’s Day coming, wouldn’t it be nice to give back to mom by inspiring her in some ways to create more health and fitness ideas in her life, like she inspired in us so many years ago?

Inspiring mom for Mother’s Day is a healthy gift that will keep on giving. Creating the perfect gift should involve what she likes most. Here is a guide to help you SHINE this Mother’s Day. We list some common Mother’s Day gift ideas and activities and tell you if each one will help you SHINE or bring you SHAME, and we tell you how to do all these things while inspiring mom with health and fitness this Mother’s Day.

1. Your mom tried a Pilates class earlier in the year and loved it, but hasn’t been back. You want to buy her a membership to a Pilates studio.

Answer: SHINE! Kudos to you for listening when mom spoke! If your mom has expressed an interest in a certain type of fitness such as yoga, Pilates or swimming, a membership is a wonderful and generous gift. Many studios can be more expensive than a gym, but can cater to people that need detailed instruction and modification ideas. Private lessons are also a great gift, and will ensure that mom gets the attention she needs to perfect her form.

2.  Your mom wants to go to The Country Buffet Brunch because it is her favorite place, and all her other mom friends get to go there too. It’s unhealthy for you and for her, and you don’t want to go. Do you suggest someplace different?

Answer: SHAME! Do not suggest someplace different, she’s your mother and it’s HER DAY! Take her to brunch but bring a buffet strategy with you. Even the unhealthiest buffets usually have fresh fruit. Begin with a plate of produce before navigating the rest of the buffet. This will help fill you up. If there is an omelet bar, try an omelet with veggies made with egg whites and no oil. Save the indulgences for last. Allow yourself to have them, but have them last. This way, you’ll fill up on your low fat high protein omelet and fruit, and will be less likely to over indulge on the sweets and fatty favorites.

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3.  Take your mom on a shopping spree.

Answer: SHINE! This idea is a win/win/win situation. You’re giving your mom a gift of quality time spent with you. You’re giving her a chance to choose a gift she really likes. Lastly, you’re getting mom walking and moving, making for a healthy, active day. Visit a shopping center that has lots of areas to walk around, like an outdoor mall or Main Street.

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4.  Pair up a fitness gift with a splurge.

Answer: SHINE! If you know that your mom doesn’t leave the house often, and you want to get her some weights to use at home, pair them with the designer scarf she’s been eyeing all spring. You can tell her that the weights are to give her the toned arms she loves under the beautiful scarf.

5.  Mom loves cooking; tell her you’ll come over for some home cooking this Mother’s Day.

Answer: SHAME! Mom shouldn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day. However, if your mom is the type of lady that loves to cook, ask her if you could cook together, trying out some new recipes. Try giving her a cookbook of healthy ideas, like Giada at Home.  The recipes in this book are not “diet” recipes, but are made using fresh produce and unprocessed ingredients. You and mom can chop, chat and chew together in a healthy, Mother’s Day culinary adventure. After your meal, clean up while mom relaxes.

6. Get mom feeling nostalgic with a new Hula Hoop.

Answer: SHINE!  If your mom grew up in the 1960s, she probably had a hula hoop. Today, hula hoops are used in fitness to get your heart rate up, and to tone your hips, waist and even your arms! Pair the hoop with some of mom’s favorite music and she’ll be hooping to the oldies all day long!

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Now that you have some healthy ideas on how you can inspire your mother this Mother’s Day with health and fitness, we’re sure you have some planning to do. Remember to first consider what mom likes to do, and what types of gifts she likes. Then you can show her you care while fostering her health and well being and spoiling her at the same time.  Way to SHINE!

Image: Ryan Wiedmaier

Written By Katrina Goldberg, Rockit Body Pilates

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