Kid-Friendly Dishware Not Made With Plastic

Kid-Friendly Dishware Not Made With Plastic
Kid-Friendly Dishware Not Made With Plastic

There aren't too many parents that are ready to hand over their good everyday dishware to their babies, toddlers, or even sometimes their older kids. Visions of it flying across the room and shattering on the floor quickly start dancing in our heads. But the go-to dishware for little ones is most often made from plastic, and even if it is BPA-free, there can still be harmful chemicals in plastic. Fortunately, there are other options for kid-friendly dishes that are free of plastic. Here are three that are great options:

1. Tempered Glass

The words "glass" and "kids" don't go together very often, but even though it's not unbreakable, tempered glass is more than twice as strong as regular glass and if it does break, it breaks into very small pieces instead of large sharp shards. While you can find everyday dishware made from tempered glass that suitable for both kids and adults, Brinware also makes tempered glass dishes sized for kids and with fun etched patterns such as fish, frogs, butterflies, and it comes with a colorful silicone wrap to help reduce risk of breakage even more.

2. Stainless Steel

Sturdy and hygienic, stainless steel isn't just for flatware and water bottles. Stainless steel plates, bowls, cups, and food storage containers are now available in cute kid patterns that will keep them happy and give parents peace of mind.

3. Bamboo

Just as many families use bamboo for a lot of their other kitchen products from spoons to bowls to cutting boards, bamboo dishes and utensils are a great option for your kids. And as a natural product that is also easily renewable, you can feel good about it environmentally as well.

4. Silicone

While we often see silicone used in kitchen products, we rarely see it used as the actual dishware. But Kinderville has created cups, bowls, storage containers, and the ever popular divided plates that kids love out of this versatile material that easily goes from freezer to microwave.

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