Quiz: How Well Do You Reuse?

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Reusing is a key component of the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). But how well do you do it?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re a single-use junkie, a quick-tosser or a savvy re-user who breathes new life into everything that crosses your path!

1.  How do you hydrate after a serious sweat session?

A.  Swing by the vending machine and purchase your favorite bottled water

B.  Slurp up free H2O at your gym’s drinking fountain

C.  Reach for the beloved reusable water bottle you lug everywhere

2.  How do you get your groceries home from the store?

A.  Plastic bags, or whatever’s available

B.  You always ask for paper

C.  Your own adorable, reusable tote bags

3.  You hit the grocery store without your reusable totes. (Hey, it happens!) Now, what to do with all those paper bags?

A.  Destroy all evidence! You personally deliver the bags to the dumpster

B.  Fold them up and stack them in the closet with the other bags you never use

C.  What can’t you do with them? Store old magazines, wrap gifts, line wastebaskets … the list goes on!

4.  You’ve moved on from last season’s trends and are looking to lighten your wardrobe. What do you do with your old clothes?

A.  Pitch ’em: You can’t stand to look at bubble hems a second longer!

B.  Drop them at your little sister’s apartment: College kids appreciate hand-me-downs, right?

C.  Get crafty with ’em: Last year’s sweater will make a perfect scarf and those torn jeans are begging to be transformed into shorts

5.  You’re hosting a party. To prepare, you:

A.  Stock up on party favors like plastic cups, paper plates and matching napkins — there’s no way you’re doing dishes after this

B.  Buy disposable plates, cups and utensils made from eco-friendly material like bamboo

C.  Decorate the table with compostable items like fruits and flowers, break out your favorite dishes and assemble an enthusiastic dishwashing team

6.  How do you bring your lunch to work?

A.  You buy it every day — they know your order by heart at the corner deli

B.  In a trusty brown bag

C.  In reusable containers that hold everything from…

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