Reflecting On Self Love

Reflecting On Self Love

Sometimes I think that bears have the right idea; hibernating through winter is smart thinking. As I sit watching the snow fall for the millionth time this winter I challenge myself to a mental exercise of examining these two themes in a more spiritual light.

A time when nature still lies internal and dormant is not such a bad time to allow ourselves to look within and reflect on love, particularly self love. Taking time to check in with our higher minds and inner wisdom to see just where we rate ourselves in terms of self care (a.k.a. self love). It’s easy to name the simple external things such as exercise, down time and grooming, but what about the deeper things? What about the ones that unconsciously spill outward and frame our lives. When is the last time you thought about personal integrity, kindness or tolerance – especially towards yourself?

When it comes to outward expressions of these things it often seems easier to engage them for and with other people, but what about internally? I have always believed that the single most important relationship anyone has is with one’s self, and it is this relationship that really determines all others. How often do we take time to reflect on this relationship?

We can all get caught up in our external relationships, whether they are personal or professional. We can easily quip a list of where and how our relationships are not satisfying us, but how often do we turn the finger on ourselves in an integral honest way? I think a month that does not offer necessarily natural earthly warmth (if you live in a northern climate) and has love as a theme is a great time for an exercise like this.

If it’s true that everything in life is a mirror in some way to our own selves, looking at our list of what’s working or not in our relationships is a great place to start. Personal integrity is something that I think we can all brush up on.  Have you ever thought about what your own moral code is?  Do you silently or unconsciously expect one set of actions for others and one for yourself?

It seems to me that at times society is heading to a place where they take pleasure in knowing someone is worse off than they are, and I think the popularity of reality shows in the past five years lends merit to that belief. How morally cool is it to take a sense of peace of mind or pleasure or even entertainment in that? Wouldn’t our time be better spent unglued to your television doing something at least energetically productive?

You know how amazing an afternoon of sunny milder weather can feel in the heart of winter? How that speaks to us on so many levels, physical and psychological. How that can seem like a breath of hope or fresh air in a dull and dreary time. It instantly raises your energy right, raises your vibration.  What are you doing to be that ray of hope for yourself or for others?

How do you imagine things like personal integrity that effect your vibration and your health, not to mention your energy and happiness? I would suggest to you that they affect it in a big way. Have you ever met someone who just glows naturally and wondered “what is their secret”? It would be easy to credit an external “something” to that glow, but I would bet good money that it is something that comes from within. I would venture to suggest that it is because they are happy people and that happiness comes from a deep connectedness to living a life externally that is aligned with an internal integrity that they have.

So in this traditionally dull season that people tend to try an escape on some level, there is something to think about.  How can you love yourself more in a deep and integral way? How can you be kinder and more tolerant, even more forgiving? When you have done that, let your inner glow shine out to encourage the rest of us!

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