The Power of Syncing Your Menstrual Cycle

The Power of Syncing Your Menstrual Cycle

When I was in my twenties, a friend lived with other women and the moon synchronized their menstrual cycles. They claimed bleeding in sync served to help them manage their collective and communal energy. Something was working for them because they were naturally quite sexy in their flowing skirts and bare feet. And flowers in their hair.

There was a mural painted on the side of their SE Portland house which read, “Musical Maidens of the Moon.” I was so into these women even though I saw no plausible mechanism to explain how they all synced up every month. It could happen, but, I thought the evidence to prove it would be problematic and complicated. Was it because they all went to bed with the sunset and arose with the sun, slept in complete darkness and always took moonlight walks?

I had only heard women talk about their periods with full disdain and in all these lame terms: I am on the rag or, Aunt Flow came to visit. These Pacific Northwest goddesses were a coven of bloody wonder. I seized my moment and asked what the deal was with their “moon flows” as they so openly referred to that time of the month.

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After spending nearly every day and most weekends together, the maidens started to sync cycles. Then one of them decided it was time they swallow the moon energy in full force. They would face the moon when it was just rising and gently breathe in the lunar energy, swallowing it. That followed with a barefoot chant to be repeated 29 times – the exact amount of days in a lunar cycle. She shared that moon flows have been tied to the moon and the lunar cycle for literally thousands of years. Before modern science explained that a woman menstruates because of her changing hormones, it was generally accepted that a woman’s periods followed the lunar cycle. After all, the moon controls the ocean, why not women’s bodies?

I was determined to prove I was powerful and mystical enough to drink the moon energy and become a Musical Maiden of the Moon. I wanted to drink the Kool-Aid! I saw myself to the closest bookstore. I focused to memorize the chapter called, “Attuning to the Natural Forces: Harmonize our Body with Nature’s Cycles”.

That night when the sun set and moon was bright, I stated my intention out loud that I want to bleed during the new moon and ovulate at the full moon. I walked barefoot in my backyard for about an hour and focused my energies on that statement. I said it loudly and clearly, but not too loudly because my duplex-mates in the other kitchen kept looking out at me, thinking I was trying to raid their garden.

I proclaimed my plans to the moon. For many a moonlit night, I met the moon at that very spot and resumed my intention setting. I promised to create a Moon Lodge with women friends by gathering and creating sacred space together on the new moon, possibly right in my backyard. And I swore I would avoid food packaged in plastic or BPA cans. Even my beloved Super Big Gulp refills were in danger of disappearing if I was granted the supreme gift of becoming a Musical Maiden of the Moon.

In three months’ time my power cycle kicked into the flow gear. I talked to the moon, letting the light into my womb. I slept in a completely dark room and got up daily at 6 am. I sat under the sun and let the warm and gentle morning sunlight caress me while I had my spirulina breakfast smoothie.

When I was sure I had synced, I walked the holy path to the house of the Moon Maidens to share my news. The first tip that something was amiss was the smear of white paint over the “Musical Maidens of the Moon” sign. No one answered when I knocked, and through the porch window I saw an empty room devoid of grain sack upholstered chairs, beeswax candles and wild tapestries.

Where had all the flowers gone?

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