Boost Immunity for Colds and Flu With Mushroom Supplements

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Naturally Savvy

When finding yourself stocking up on tissues, over the counter medications and lozenges, then you know its cold and flu season. The average adult comes down with 1-5 colds per year and can take any able body out of commission for 10-14 days. Easing the discomfort of a cold or flu is possible, but the best way to handle the ailments may be to prevent them in the first place. While there are several medications and alternative therapies to prevent colds and flu bugs, medicinal mushrooms may outshine all when it comes to strengthening the immune system.

Over 30 species of mushrooms are currently available for use in supplements, according to the web site, Usually, a quality mushroom supplement will blend at least 6 potent varieties of medicinal mushrooms. The most common fungi found in the therapies are turkey tail, reishi, cordyceps and maitake. The mushrooms all are recognized for their ability to strengthen the immune system by promoting natural killer cell function. Taking a mushroom complex daily is beneficial, due to the synergy effect of mushrooms. Mushrooms absorb from each other as well as from the soil they are grown in. It is crucial to purchase an organic supplement since polluting soil toxins are soaked up into the mushroom.

Turkey Tail is a potent mushroom prized for its beta glucan polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are “essential sugars” in the body that aid in activating immunity in the body. Clinical trials suggest that  bacterial infections can be reduced using polysaccharides.The polysaccharides have strong communication with all T cells that are part of the white blood cells fighting off infection. The turkey tail mushroom can be found on logs and tree stumps all over North America.

Reishi mushrooms have been used in China, Japan and other parts of the world for centuries.The reishi mushroom is the oldest mushroom known to man and a cure all for many ailments. The list goes on and on to what this potent veggie can do and that is why it is named the “medicine of kings.” It is helpful with many diseases including chronic bronchitis. According to the Natural News website, it cures pathogenic factors in the chest. It is an anti-bacterial against streptococci, staphylcocci as well as an anti-viral and an antioxidant. It is an expectorant and provides anti- tumor effects. There are several types of the reishi mushroom, the red reishi being the most potent. Its bitter flavor diverts one to take a capsule that’s synergized with other mushroom species.

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