3 Powerful Crystals for Your Home (and How to Charge Them)

Since I was a child, crystals have always fascinated me. They are just so beautiful. It amazes me that something with such vibrant colors and textures is naturally produced by the earth. The longer I have been around them, my sensitivity and natural intuition has expanded. I work with them daily in meditation. They support the positive energy in both my home and my work space.

Over a decade ago, I began my deeper journey with both jewelry design and an understanding for crystals. In 2013, I opened my first crystal and jewelry store in Brentwood, CA. I recently opened my second shop located at 1611 Montana Ave in Santa Monica, CA. I create custom pieces specifically with the healing qualities of the stone in mind to help support the wearer.

Crystals are a powerful way to nurture your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Each crystal has their own unique qualities.

Meditation–The Foundation for Good Health

Here are the three must-have crystals for someone looking to start a collection:

1. Citrine 

Citrine came into my life a few years ago and has been the most profound and powerful supporter of abundance in all forms and shapes. Placing Citrine in the abundance corner (the left-most corner of your home when standing inward at your front door) of your house and workspace will promote growth and prosperity.

Three years ago I placed a large piece of citrine in that corner of my home. In one year, my income tripled. I call citrine the “work horse” crystal. It is slow and steady, and you can count on it.

Citrine is also a powerful cleanser. It dissipates negative energy. It’s a protector. It’s useful for smoothing family discord, teaches one how to manifest, attract wealth, prosperity, success and all good things. Lastly it encourages one to share what you have with others.

Important note: other crystals are often mistaken for true Citrine. Be careful. Citrine has a light amber color. it is extremely important to get unheated citrine to maintain its powerful qualities. If you see it as a bright yellow color, it is actually heated Amethyst, not true Citrine.

2. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone with its tender, blush pink color, but it is also soothing to the heart and promotes well-being, soft nurturing and loving energy. Rose Quartz is considered to be the stone of unconditional love and is very important for the heart charka. It teaches the true essence of love. Rose Quartz can be worn, or should be placed in your bedroom or the most right corner of your space. I personally like to place Rose Quartz in my bathtub. It’s a soothing way to wind down your day.

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Its a great stone to use after a break up or when you need a little extra TLC. Most importantly, Rose Quartz is a living reminder to connect yourself back to your own heart and to keep it open and promote heart healing.

3. Amethyst:

Amethyst is a potent and helpful crystal. It is extremely powerful and protective. It facilitates decision making, and it calms and dispels anger and anxiety, as well as balancing highs and lows. Relieving sadness and grief, it is one of the most spiritual stones creating love of the Devine. I particularly love amethyst because of its high vibrations. Amethyst can be worn on the body and placed in the home. Amethyst is especially beneficial when it’s worn over the throat or the heart. If you’re having insomnia, place it under your pillow.

If you’re just starting your crystal collection or have been enjoying them for years, these three crystals are essential, and you will absolutely feel their benefits.The longer I work with them and the more I have had the chance to get to know them, the more their sensitivity and power seems to be revealed each day.

How to Charge Crystals:

1. First, place towels into the bath tub.

2. Second, place sea salt over the towels.

3. Next, place the crystals onto the salt.

4. Finally, begin to fill the tub with water covering the crystals.

5. You can soak them over night and rinse them off with freshwater in the morning.

6. You can also place them in salt water bowls and put them in the sun.

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I charge them in both the sunlight and the moonlight. It’s important to do this especially during transitions and when feeling any major times of change. The full moon is a potent time to charge crystals.

If you don’t have the luxury of time, a quick way to cleanse your crystals is to hold them in your hands, neutralize your energy and place them under running water. Make sure you are in a calm and balanced state to support the cleaning of your crystals.

Crystals are sensitive, and they are attuned to our desires. Be clear about what you were wanting, and they will support you wholeheartedly.

Written by Ele Keats for mariashriver.com. This article originally appeared on mariashriver.com

By MariaShriver.com| January 17, 2016
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