Many Milk Alternatives Are Good for Baking

There was a time when having milk meant you owned a cow and you woke up early. Farm-fresh, not processed and simple, dairy milk was once a common foodstuff showing up as yogurts, cheeses, and other products like cream. Gone are those humble days, and now with factory farming, rBGH (recumbent bovine growth hormone) and the increase of antibiotic use on dairy cows, milk is no longer so clean and many are starting to look to other liquids for dairy alternatives.

Aside from changes in the use of milk, many peoples the world over cannot even tolerate dairy milk; some people are lactose intolerant, meaning the stomach no longer produces the enzyme lactase that breaks down lactose (milk sugar), while others are allergic to the protein found in milk, making dairy a food avoided all together. Lucky for us, the food kingdom has many great alternatives to offer.

It's important to note that when starting to use or choosing an alternative milk for baking, cooking, or other applications in recipes, taste the milk plain first to discern the underlying flavors. For example, many can tell when soy is used instead of dairy milk, as the characteristic "beany" taste of soy can come through in the finished product. Many of these milks also function differently than dairy because their protein, fat, and sugar contents vary greatly depending on what version of a specific milk you choose (i.e. low fat, non-fat, sweetened or unsweetened, flavored, or plain). Keep in mind that all proteins are potential allergens, so when you're feeding guests, let them know which milk ingredients you've used.


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By Claire Fountain| July 24, 2015
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Claire Fountain

"Food should not only be good to eat, but also good to think." --Claire Fountain

Claire Fountain is witty, passionate and lives a sweet life of all things food. Claire believes in sharing her knowledge of baking and cooking along side her holistic approach to eating with all of you. As a food writer featured in books and publications, with a background teaching cooking classes, vegan baker and personal chef, to name a few ventures, Claire loves the science, history and lore of food. Recipe development, catering and researching... Claire keeps it joyous in and out of the kitchen. Though born and raised in Mississippi on biscuits and ranch dressing, she practices what she preaches in her own daily food choices, with taste being at the forefront. She currently writes and bakes in New York; spending time supporting local agriculture, sustainable food and promoting conscious consumption with sexy vengeance.

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