Should I Take Oil of Oregano?

Naturally Savvy
Naturally Savvy

Q. I am wondering about oil of oregano. I have a small bottle of it and haven’t used it a lot. Whenever I get a cold, I have always had luck with Echinacea for keeping symptoms at bay. I am wondering if oil of oregano can be taken as a preventative and if it works for the stomach flu as well as colds. If so, is this something I should take every day, or just when something is going around so I don’t become overly tolerant to it (if that happens)? -Sue

A: Echinacea works well as a preventive, but only if you take it before the virus takes hold. Oregano oil, on the other hand, which has been proven to rapidly kill bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast quickly can be taken at any time. The human body tends to adapt to any herbal treatment within a three week period, so it isn’t advisable to take any herb regularly without a break. With that said, since your office is a cesspool of viruses, I recommend taking oregano oil as directed on the bottle (if you can’t tolerate the taste, try using capsules instead) every other day (once or twice a day) as a preventive. If you do become ill, take it daily until you are feeling better. Oil of oregano is my preference, but colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract are also powerful treatments for cold/flu. Andrea and Randy interviewed an oregano oil company in one of their Naturally Savvy TV episodes. Click here to watch what they learned.

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