Meditation for Deep Physical Healing

By Caroline Dupont on October 20, 2010

meditation for deep physical healing spiritual health chakras meditatingAs a health practitioner and meditation teacher, I love to help people to heal physically using both physical health principles and spiritual principles. Meditation is the foundation for connecting to the place where the laws of physical health reside in our beings, as well as that part of us that is untouched by disease.

The word ‘healing’ comes from a root that means ‘to make whole’. Meditation is the foundation of any physical healing plan because in meditation we are resting our awareness in the silence and stillness that is already whole, regardless of the physical state.

So often when people have symptoms of a disease, the automatic response is to believe that the body has done something wrong and that we need to use every means possible to remove the problem – including drugs and surgery. Of course this is a choice that each individual makes for themselves and there is nothing inherently wrong with any choice, as they are also part of all that is. However, in deep healing, if we truly want to become whole we need to become whole with everything in our life, including the things we might want to separate from, like illness and disease. What would it be like to turn towards the symptoms and discomfort and to simply listen without assuming that something is wrong? When it comes to our incredible bodies there is never anything ‘wrong’. However when we think something is wrong, we begin to struggle with it, to battle and try to fix it. This only creates more tension and dis-ease and often prevents us from seeing the simple but more effective actions we might take to heal. Healing is available to us every moment of every day but we are too distracted to see it.

The body is always doing the best it can, given its circumstances and biography. When we truly listen, the body begins to guide us towards choices that support it in its healing. What body wouldn’t want to heal? What soul wouldn’t want to live in a healthy body, so that it has all the energy and vitality it needs to know the joy of manifesting clearly through the physical body?

The greatest barrier to healing is not the body at all. It is the beliefs that we would need to question and release in order to heal. It’s the emotions we would have to feel, the inner work we would have to do, and the changes to our lives we would have to make. God forbid, we would have to let go of control! To meet all of these things can be scary to the ego, which has been carefully constructed through conditioning to protect itself from perceived threats. For the soul though – it is the only way. 

In meditation we can bring our physical symptoms, our worry and our fear to the cushion. Let everything land as you settle and notice that beyond your current circumstances what you really are is already complete and perfect. To get to that level of experience we need to allow the system to sink through thought, emotion and sensation into a deeper reality – that of spirit. From this place we are informed and guided through the mystery of our unique healing journey. We also find the inspiration to carry through with the lifestyle changes that are needed for deep healing. So much energy and lifeforce is freed up when we stop struggling with our bodies and instead trust its guidance and innate ability to heal from within.



By Caroline Dupont| October 20, 2010
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