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Do you ever want to treat yourself and family to something a little sweet, without going the full-blown, void of nutrients, dessert route? Enter my Health-ified Chocolate Chip Crispy Treats recipe. This version classifies as a relatively nutritious, hybrid snack-treat that is not too sweet, yet slightly indulgent. Could you imagine surprising loved ones with these gems in their lunch boxes? I'm hearing mom-of-the-year proclamations!

So what makes this great Back to School recipe different from your ordinary Snap, Crackle, and Pop version? Let's see … no refined sugars, in fact pretty low in sugar overall; multiple whole grain cereals (if you choose) for the price of one; coconut oil instead of butter or margarine; a little flax seed and nut butter for good measure; out with the processed marshmallows; and, well, chocolate is a health food now, right? Plus, it is naturally dairy-free (lactose-free, casein-free, whey-free, etc.) and can be made vegan and gluten-free in a pinch. I admit, I haven't technically received an award for this deliciously easy recipe, but a great deal of praise indeed. It has sent many kind messages of enjoyment flying into my inbox and Attune Foods has not only featured it on their website, but they also created recipe and coupon cards to hand out at events with this recipe and photo! I was honored.

To note, these treats store really well in the refrigerator, where the coconut oil helps to keep them firm and crisp, but they will travel well (just a wee bit softer) and pack nicely into lunch boxes. And, if you aren't in a chocolate mood, you can substitute raisins (and maybe some cinnamon) or other dried fruit for the chocolate chips / nibs…

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