7 Reasons You Shouldn't Fear the Flu & How to Prevent It Naturally

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear the Flu & How to Prevent It Naturally

Every year there seems to be an epidemic of the flu. Whether it is concentrated in one area or widespread, people get nervous and do their due diligence with the hand sanitizer. Building up a strong immune system is key when it comes to preventing the flu. Using herbs, whole foods, indigenous medicine and stress-reducing practices will encourage a healthy immune system and set you up for a flu-free year!

1. The flu is not a life-threatening (for all) disease. "Public health has overstated the risk of flu-related death." Even in the elderly, the risk of death is 1 in 1000, at max. – Washington Post. There are specific cases where people may be at higher risk for complications such as the elderly, young children, those who are immune-compromised, etc. If you or anyone you know does develop the flu, and you are concerned that their health is declining quickly, always seek medical attention.

2. The flu shot is promoted as one way to prevent the flu. It has an efficacy rate of 52% at most. Since the flu isn't one single virus, there is only a 3 out of 3000 chance of the flu shot working against the virus in your body. The CDC also states that it works best for young healthy adults or older children. Please consult with your health professional regarding the flu shot.

3. Vitamin D is a super effective tool when it comes to fighting and preventing the flu. In case study after case study, those supplementing even a low dose of vitamin D had a 50% less chance at getting the flu. Checking your blood levels is the best way, you want around 80 ng/mL in your blood!

4. Elderberry syrup to the rescue. This berry is naturally a flu fighter and is thought to deactivate the flu. At the cellular level, it contains compounds that rip apart the influenza virus. Elderberries also reduce bronchial inflammation. Sign me up!

5. You may not have the flu! Only about 20% of influenza-like viruses are actually influenza. This is good news. Beating a head cold or the common cold often comes with more ease than fighting the influenza virus. Up your fluid intake with soups and tea to flush out that cold.

6. Sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria aka the flu. Since we have total control of what we feed our bodies, we can take this major step at combatting the flu virus. Sugar is the fertilizer for bacteria that wreaks havoc in our body so, boost your system with greens, berries and other high-quality whole foods.

7. There are several cost-effective tools that can help you next time you or someone you love gets the flu. Whether you make your own elderberry tincture or buy one already prepared, create a flu-fighting tea or head to the gym for some time in the sauna, having these items at your disposal will shorten your recovery time and have you up and running in no time!

Flu-Busting Recipes

Superfood Smoothie

1-2 cups coconut water
2 cups organic mixed greens
1 cup frozen organic berries (cherries, blueberries, strawberries)
¼ cup cucumber
¼ cup sprouted almonds
1 tsp cacao nibs
1 serving organic Matcha powder
*optional ¼ cup frozen pineapple

Immune Boosting Curry Soup

This turmeric curry soup is available at simplholistic.org and uses simple ingredients found around your kitchen!

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