Face Reading

Face Reading

This is an ancient practice that is a truly an extraordinary way of being able to see deep into your body. Your face is a reflection of your health, a magic mirror.

Your face can tell you what is happening inside your body.

The Chinese have been studying the face for thousands of years to determine character (known as physiognomy) and medical diagnosis through Face Reading or Mien (face) Shiang (reading).

Those spots and wrinkles are not random

One of the core beliefs in Chinese medicine is that the ‘part contains the whole’.Without x-rays or tests, you can literally see what is going on with your body just by looking at your face if you know what to look for.

Every line and spot, scar, wrinkle or blemish means something. They do not just appear on your face at random as we might think. The location they appear corresponds to an energy meridian that connects your face and body with your internal organs.

Your face is your mirror

Your face is a map of whatever is happening internally. Some doctors and Naturopaths use Hair Analysis to determine mineral deficiencies in the body. These are all safe, non-invasive and effective ways of diagnosing your health, with no harmful side effects.

Every mole, pimple or wrinkle lies along an energy pathway that energetically connects to one or more of your organs. For example, moles or warts often show up where an area is weak or underactive, perhaps overburdened by viruses, parasites fungus or trauma.

Pimples seem to show up at the most inconvenient time, don’t they? Or, perhaps right before that photo shoot or big date is the perfect time to get your attention regarding a back up of waste in a certain organ.

Please do not Botox the messenger

Laser, Botox and facelifts are temporary at best and dangerous at worst because they are hiding the warning light without addressing the underlying problems. If you think they are needed because of what you see on the outside, soon life-saving surgery may be needed on the inside.

How to read your face

With a mirror, let’s see what is going on inside your body by looking at your face.

Your forehead

This area is called the first zone and is about your early childhood.

It represents your nervous system and small intestines which are related. In fact, your gut (stomach and intestines) has as many neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) as your brain has.

Lines on the forehead indicate excessive mental energy that is literally coming through the skin. Mental energy is mostly based on fear and worry. This is because our reptilian brain, which is the oldest of the limbic and neocortex is based on survival. Whatever is unknown could be ‘unsafe’ and so our loving mind tries to warn us of every possible threat.

Observe your thoughts and receive their gifts of awareness, however, tuning into and listening to your HEART will reduce mental and emotional stress.

The electrical field of the heart is the strongest of all our organs, extending several feet outside of our body…Trust your heart! Our brain is prone to negative thoughts and our heart is attuned to loving ones. Each thought has an effect on every cell in all our organs.

Processing thought in a clear and calm way keeps your nervous system balanced, and will actually help your body process your food better, too.

Eating light, resting or cleansing your digestive system can soften forehead lines over time.

It is all connected. After a heavy meal that is stressful on your digestion (meat, dairy, bread, pasta, grains, and poor food combining or overeating) or a stressful day, lines on the forehead can appear more pronounced.

Your mouth

As a former Colon Hydrotherapist and Aesthetician, I have studied how the condition of the lips and mouth is intimately connected to what is happening in a person’s digestive system.

Your mouth is a neon sign of your digestive health.

The lips correspond to your intestines; swollen lips indicate inflammation and congestion in the digestive tract.

Swollen or red lips indicate inflammation in your digestive system usually from overeating or poor food choices. This inflammation can lead to IBS, Crohn’s disease, Colitis and Diverticulitis.

The top of your upper lip reveals how your stomach is functioning and the bottom of the upper lip shows the condition of your small intestine. The lower lip corresponds to the colon.

The corners of the mouth show the condition of the duodenum, which is the valve connecting the stomach to the small intestine.

If the edge of your upper lip lacks definition, your stomach may be weak from either low stomach acid or overeating. Lines on either sides of the mouth that go down past the lower lip usually mean rectal fissures, constipation and hemorrhoids.

Dry lips

Cracked, peeling and dry lips mean your system is dehydrated. You will notice dry lips also accompany constipation. This can be caused by eating a lot of dry food, such as bread, chips, crackers or salty foods. Dry lips also indicate that you are very low in healthy probiotics in your gut and that the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your system is out of balance. Hydration is critical.

Stress, low stomach acid (very common) and hormonal imbalance can show up in the lips. Abundance of sleep and relaxation and probiotics are what your body and lips need—not another tube of lip balm.


I want to share a little about the tongue because that is the first part of my body I began observing over 20 years ago. It is a map of your body’s nervous system, heart, digestive organs and liver, so it is great place to start for you, too.

The tongue is a great body part, right? It helps us taste delicious food and makes kissing fun!

  • The tip of your tongue represents your heart and nervous system. Can you hold your tongue out straight, or does it curve or tremble?
  • Spots on the tip of the tongue or a trembling tongue means acute stress.
  • The center of the tongue corresponds to the lungs, stomach and digestive system, the back of the tongue corresponds to your reproductive system and kidneys, and the sides represent your liver
  • A normal, healthy tongue is slightly reddish pink with or without a thin light coating, while a pale tongue body indicates deficient chi or vitality.
  • An overly red tongue indicates excess heat in the body, which means hot emotions and/or physical inflammation.
  • Cracks in the tongue indicate deficient Yin or too much heat drying up the fluids in the body. Drinking green veggie juices with lots of cucumbers and celery is cooling and hydrating.
  • If a tongue is enlarged and flabby, it indicates deficient chi. Fresh air and exercise can correct this.
  • If the tongue has scalloped (or tooth marked) edges, then it indicates stagnation of fluids caused by water retention. Celery, cucumber, watermelon, parsley are natural diuretics.
  • Stinging sores on the tongue means too much acidic food like unripe fruit and sugar, or that your system is acidic, which could be caused by overeating or stress.
  • If your tongue is coated when you wake up (check in the mirror in natural light daily) it means your body is trying to detoxify flour, sugar, processed foods, cooked foods, dairy, animal foods. When your system is cleaned out and healthy, your tongue will not be coated and your breath will not be foul-smelling.

Bad Breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is not natural. It is a sign that the body is filled with toxins. Here is a natural mouthwash you can make at home that will keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Mona Lisa Mouthwash

The menthol and other active ingredients in these special oils are antibacterial, which is great for oral hygiene, and they also have a strong taste and are very fragrant.

They will make your mouth will feel so fresh and shimmery you will not want to eat anything after this beauty treatment, so this is also a great way to curb late night snacking!


  • 1/4 Cup water
  • 1 drop Clove Essential Oil and/or 1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil
    • Clove EO is one of the strongest antioxidants known. Clove is the highest rated essential oil with an ORAC score of over 10 million.
    • Peppermint EO contains menthol, which causes a physical reaction when inhaled or applied topically. The essential oil is cooling and soothing.


Mix all ingredients in a sterile glass bottle. Swish a small amount of the oral rinse in your mouth after brushing your teeth or after meals. Use up within one week.

You have just regenerated, strengthened and beautified your gums and teeth. Note: It is especially important that you use only pure essential oils internally.

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