How to Upgrade Your Body’s Energy

How to Upgrade Your Body’s Energy

Most of us wake up tired. We feel like we can’t get past 3 p.m. without a caffeine boost. We all know we have an energy deficiency. But what we don’t realize is that many of the lifestyle choices we make deplete our cells’ energy source. We’re deficient in ATP, which is what fuels every cell in our bodies. It’s the energy currency of life. And thankfully, there’s a way to encourage our bodies to make more of it.

We don’t need our blood tested to tell us if we’re low in ATP. It’s not a deficiency like vitamin C is to scurvy or vitamin D is to lack of sun. But there’s no way you’re not lacking. We all know we don’t sleep enough. We’re dragging through our days. We’re basically running on empty.

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Beware of these health hackers

We all want to be an eight, nine or ten on the energy scale. We can’t be healthy without optimal energy. They go hand in hand. But like a persistent computer virus, things such as stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and lack of sleep hack into our health. They are powerful energy zappers.

A bridge-the-gap solution

To understand what’s happening, let’s go back to what we learned in high school science classes. Our mitochondria are what energize the trillions of cells in our bodies and get them to do everything they need to do. Think of mitochondria as your body’s energy CPU. If they aren’t working up to capacity, things are slow.

When our mitochondrial function is sluggish, things are not going to turn out as we’d hoped. Our mitochondria need to churn out more ATP. If you can’t cut the stress, eat a better diet, etc., then you’ve got to supplement with something that fuels your cells’ energy production. That’s with a specific form of vitamin B3 called NR or TRU NIAGEN™. It enhances mitochondrial function, much like a software upgrade. Think of it as your cellular energy 3.0.

All cells have an expiration date. Do you want your body to create healthy, well-functioning cells or sluggish cells?

Cells soak up this form of vitamin B3

When you can’t get out of your house to soak up enough sunshine, you should supplement with vitamin D. Similarly, if your lifestyle is hacking your energy production, it’s smart to supplement with TRU NIAGEN™. The vitamin B family is important because the Bs are associated with energy creation. TRU NIAGEN™ is not a newcomer to the vitamin B family yet it stands alone from the other Bs because it is a unique source that is used most efficiently by our cells.

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This is a lot like a software upgrade. Similar to when you do a software upgrade on your iPhone, it takes time to load. In the same way, it will also take time to upgrade your body’s energy software. Supplementing with TRU NIAGEN™ is not like rebooting your entire system. It’s more like having something running in the background to help safeguard your energy reserves.

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