Rebound Your Way to Better Health

Rebound Your Way to Better Health

I love rebounding! It makes me feel great, and I truly feel happier and energized. It's no wonder that it has been deemed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as one of the most efficient and effective types of exercise for the entire body. For those of you who are not familiar with rebounding, it is just a fancy way of saying jumping on a mini trampoline. The benefits to this type of exercise are endless as it affects the millions of cells in our bodies. Think about how much fun kids have jumping on the bed. The feeling of weightlessness is so appealing and marks the magic of rebounding.

Our lymphatic system greatly benefits from rebounding, by increased circulation to the millions of one-way valves that transport lymph fluid and nutrients and collect metabolic waste (which I like to refer to as garbage collectors). The fluid always moves in the same direction, running up the legs, arms, and torso. The vertical circulation is dependent on movement and exercise to pump the lymph fluid and open the valves, unlike the blood which has the heart to help pump it through.

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Rebounding gets fluids moving to the lymph system so waste can be properly eliminated through the colon, which enhances cell absorption. Without this movement of lymph fluids, cells are left to stew in their own waste contributing to a more acidic environment and a higher risk for disease. Our immune system is stronger when our body is properly ridding itself of waste. What's more, because of the increased flow in the lymphatic system, the skin becomes tighter and more toned. The tissues are also saturated with oxygen due to increased circulation.

When rebounding or jumping, there are three natural forces at work: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration. This movement provides an increased G-force (gravitational pull) and it feels likes you are catching air! In response to the G-force, each cell in the body gets stronger – not just the muscle cells as is the case when lifting weights. In addition to strengthening the musculoskeletal systems, it increases bone density and lung capacity, and is low impact! Rebounding stimulates all the organs and can really help with a sluggish bowel.

You have a ZERO-impact, cardio fitness trainer and cross trainer all in one. NASA has claimed rebounding as 68% more efficient than jogging. It benefits the lungs and the heart. It has also been found to lower elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It stimulates your metabolism and reduces fat. You even start burning more calories when you're not exercising as it increases your resting metabolic rate. I love what it does to my core and all the muscles in my legs.

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With no strain on joints, is it ideal for senior citizens and people that are physically handicapped. Using the proper trampoline with the right springs and surface mat is key to finding the right level of impact for you, so be sure to research a number of brands before you buy.

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