Stress Symptoms and Fixes

Stress Symptoms and Fixes

In today's busy and hectic world, we're all stressed out. Stress is one of the leading causes of workplace health issues and unfortunately can manifest itself in a variety of ways and present numerous symptoms. Most people intuitively think of stress as affecting their mental health upon onset, and it can in a variety of ways. While that is correct, stress can also manifest in us and present an array of physical problems as well. Fortunately, there are many fixes for the problem that can be quite easy.

The Mental and Physical Symptoms of Stress

An abundance of stress has been proven to manifest in us negatively and can result in a variety of symptoms including concurrent or mood disorders. These disorders can include depression and even substance abuse issues for individuals looking for ways to cope with the added pressures that usually produce feelings of anxiety or stress. It can also lead to low self-esteem, panic attacks, insomnia, obsessive thoughts and disorientation. The good news is that workplaces are beginning to catch on as most wellness initiatives are centered around stress management for their employees. They're looking at ways to manage the mental health of their employees in a positive way.Read more about soft drinks and depression

Unfortunately, the implications of an abundance of stress is not limited to affecting the mental capacity of individuals. If you've ever had a physical ailment or problem that your doctor couldn't diagnose, there's a good chance they simply attributed it to stress. While it may seem like stress is being used as an easy excuse for any unexplainable health issue, it has been proven to lead to sleep disturbances, muscle aches, migraines, and a variety of gastrointestinal problems. The good news however, is that managing your stress in a healthy manner can reduce the occurrence of a lot of these unfortunate symptoms.

Managing Your Stress

There are a lot of different ways to deal with stress and its symptoms, and the fixes can be quite simple. From a workplace or employer perspective, it mostly comes down to accommodating your employees. We've all heard the saying that healthy employees are happy employees, or healthy employees are productive employees. These absolutely ring true. Accommodating the needs of employees by either supporting them in work from home initiatives or even spreading out the work load across individuals or sectors can do wonders for their health.

As for employees, self-management is the easiest tool in managing your stress. It's important to recognize what the root cause of your stress is. You need to identify the source and root of the problem before you can begin to actually address it. Most instances or cases of stress also have a lot to do with time, or lack thereof. It's entirely understandable, as most of us can feel like we don't have enough time in the day. Learning better ways to manage your time can not only lead to a healthier mind and body, but perhaps an even more effective and efficient work ethic.Read more about managing your stress

Some other fixes can include exercise, which is an excellent way to work off some stress. Something as simple as a 30-minute walk outside on your lunch break can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. Studies have also shown that meditation can be a great help in reducing stress. What should always be remembered though is that these fixes all share the importance of finding the time to accommodate your own needs. That is what's most important.

What are some of your favorite stress busters? Let us know below!

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